How to go from Frazzled to Focused

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

February 3, 2020


Episode 164: Interview with Robyn Koenig

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Robyn Koenig:

As a Public Speaker and Certified Professional Coach, Robyn is an expert at combining mindset and self-confidence with intentional action to create powerful change in your life. Robyn’s approach for audiences is energetic and authentic with an element of humor as a mom of four teens in an active blended family. With more than 20 years in corporate, non-profit, freelance and entrepreneurship, she has a versatile and honest perspective about the path to success and roadblocks in the way. Through her powerful coaching process, her clients go from functional (it’s fine) to optimal (heck yeah)! Robyn received her B.A. from Indiana University and coach training from iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). She’s a Certified Professional Coach (CPC and ACC) with hundreds of hours of client engagement. She’s also certified as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) which provides critical and professionally trained analysis of core energy and stress response. She offers custom debriefs for clients interested in understanding how to apply these insights to be more successful in using their gifts to pursue their best life.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Energy is essentially a measurement and awareness of our positive enthusiasm for life – it’s both self-governed and thought affected, and can be shifted once you start paying attention to your own perspective of it.
  • 5-3-1 Approach – take stock of what brings you joy, play with the possibilities, leverage your gifts/strengths, and align with your values.
  • Feeling stuck and out of focus doesn’t always mean you don’t have the tools or resources – changing your perspective of what’s possible as well as what’s getting in the way is the key to changing the outcome.

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Jeremy Jones


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