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How Gratitude and Ambition Change The Way We Lead

Episode 40: Interview with Seth Buechley

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Setting and Achieving goals when quitting isn’t an option

Episode 39: Interview with Todd Stottlemyre

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About Todd Stottlemyre

Todd grew up around a majestic image_crop_northplace called Yankee Stadium where his father was an All Star pitcher for the New York Yankees. His dad had great teammates like Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Thurman Munson and Yogi Berra being his first manager. Growing up in that environment inspired him to dream of following in Dads footsteps and playing major league baseball.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Setting and achieving goals.
  • Habits and behaviors.
  • Mentors and coaches.

To Connect with BIG Thinkers and Hear More BIG Ideas:

Show Notes:


  • Desire comes from being obsessed with hitting that goal
  • There will be obstacles on the path and there will be times that we knocked out
  • Success is a process; it is a new behavior that you need to do and your process and behavior should match to succeed your goals.
  • It is about working a behavior and understanding that you are working the right thing that will create the right results.


  • Do this behavior consistently, whatever it is, to hit the goal
  • The focus should be on the process and the behavior
  • What will you do today that will get you one day better
  • Accomplishment of something small over and over can grow to something massive
  • One new small behavior can lead to massive new behaviors that can be life changing to people


  • We start to become the people around us and sometimes we need a new crowd
  • If you are the smartest guy in the room, then find a new room
  • Presidents have coaches even CEO’s have coaches and extraordinary people are trying to be better
  • You should have coaches in every aspect of your life


  • “Most of the time a lot of people can have great success just by staying in the game.”
  • “You can practice shooting wrong all day long to become great at shooting wrong.” -Michael Jordan
  • You should have coaches in every aspect of your life.
  • Accomplishment of something small over and over can grow to something massive



Connect with Todd:

Enjoy the episode

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Disgustingly Beautiful: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Couples

Episode 38: Interview with Daryl Fletcher

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The Power of Focus, Looking Forward and Asking Better Questions

Episode 37: Interview with Silver Rose

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The 5 Pillars of Self-Publishing: Your Guide To Publish A Book On Amazon

Looking for some great advice on how to self-publishing your book?

You’ve come to the right place.

NOTE: Don’t miss the “3-Vital Words” Guide at the end of this post. It will show you a simple way to grab the attention of your ideal reader when marketing your book (hint: this should also be done before your book is done).

This article is divided into five sections, each representing a milestone you can reach at every part of your self-publishing experience, from idea to published book.

You can hop down to each pillar by clicking any of the links below to view the information about that pillar.

The 5 Pillars of Self-Publishing

These five pillars came from years of experience and publishing dozens of personal books, and books for clients through my publishing company, Jones Media Publishing.

A few years ago I was hearing from a lot of first-time authors about how they were being strung along by editors, taking way too long to do the work. Working with designers is an entire skills-set on it’s own, they can be flaky, don’t follow up, and very difficult to work with. I’m not saying every editor or designer are difficult to work with, but many are.

After doing marketing and design services for my clients for years I became very interested in self-publishing my own book because of the great benefit I was getting from reading and learning about marketing. I developed a plan to market my own book and it hit #1 Best-Seller soon after.

As you may have seen here on my website, I also run a podcast where I interview entrepreneurs about a single book that has been impactful for their business, and also authors about Ideas That Make An Impact. Everywhere I looked there wasn’t a single resource where someone could simplify the self-publishing process.

I was frustrated at the fact there wasn’t a clear picture of the whole self-publishing process.

That is when I knew there were so many entrepreneurs with a great story to tell, great strategies to share with aspiring entrepreneurs, but the entrepreneur is hustling to grow their business, when would they have the time to sit and write a book?

Unless someone helped to facilitate the whole process. Soon after I went to work and invested thousands of dollars on courses, books and coaches to learn everything I could about publishing books. After about 18 months I created a process I call,

Your Book Blueprint is broken down into 3 main phases to self-publishing, and is broken down into 5 Pillars.

Let’s now cover each of The Five Pillars:


People define a niche in many different ways, I look at it as getting to know your reader. This is the point where you gather “intel” about your book buyer. Your book ultimately is written for the reader. Similar to how a product is created to fill a need in the marketplace, it’s better to find a need and fill it with a product than to develop a product and then start your search for a customer that will buy that “thing”.

In this phase, you should identify “intel” or “intellegence” about your book buyers. Look at best-seller categories on retail book store websites and in physical books stores. Find out what is selling and look for common threads.


Yes, self-publishing involves content creation, typically known as “writing your book”. Here is where you use the “intel” you’ve gathered from your niche research to write your book. In the fiction book category you can find out what the readers of popular books in your category like. In the case of non-fiction, you are typically teaching an idea or educating the reader on something.

When writing your book it’s helpful to first outline your book, then write chapter by chapter in your first draft. If you outline your book first you’ll have a structure to writing your book and the second draft will be a matter of fixing each chapter, not rearranging main parts of the book.

A mistake most people make is to think of an idea for a book and just start writing. I realize that some people just express ideas better this way, and if that is your preferred writing strategy then go for it, there is no one way to do anything. In my experience, clients find creating a structure for a book before writing much more efficient.

After your book is complete you should have a trusted editor do a round of copy editing, line editing and finally proofreading to ensure the quality of your content before moving into the packaging phase.


Your book is a product. A real product, with a real bar code that can be scanned and purchased, by a real person. You should put a high importance on creating a high-quality book cover to give yourself the best chance for an attractive presentation for your ideal reader. Remember, the majority of people you want to read your book are complete strangers.

Sure, your friend will buy your book just to support you even if the cover looks like it was done in powerpoint….but, it will bomb when in a retail environment.

The same goes for the interior layout. The book pages should be designed by industry standards of a retail book so the reader feels like this is a book they have read from any other major publisher. Bottom line, your book should not look “self-published”. I was hesitant to use the term, “self-publish”, because it does have a connotation for low quality.

Self-Publish doesn’t mean you do every part yourself, it really means you OWN the rights to publish the book, not a traditional publisher. I actually prefer the term, “Independent Publishing”, because I believe the book author should retain the rights for their work.


After you book is complete and ready for the marketplace it’s ready to be released, or as my friend Jeff Walker calls it, LAUNCH. I learned from Jeff the value of a strategic launch. First you should consider all of the resources you already have available to you. Look at your email list if you are fortunate to have built one up, social media profiles and list of contacts.

Over time you’ll want to plan out a series of promotions that lead up to a book launch. The book launch is when your book is released and available for purchase on a predetermined day and time.


After your book release, you’ll want to look at how you can integrate book marketing and promotion into everything you do. Think of how you can promote your book on a regular basis, one of the best and effective ways to do this is by publishing content on a regular basis.

What type of content should you publish to promote your book? This is where it’s important you do some through “Book Buyer Intel” for your target reader. You can use the communication and messaging you found that is attractive to your target reader in your communication.

You can clearly see when you begin with the end in mind, you can see where you are going with your self-published book and plan a better strategy. This will help give you an EDGE and set you apart from other self-published books because it helps to increase the quality of your book when following The 5 Pillars of Self-Publishing.

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How Successful Entrepreneurs Harness Belief and The Foundation To Your Success

Episode 36: Interview with Gary Varnell

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Marketing Multipliers for service based entrepreneurs

Episode 35: Interview with Kevin Donlin about his Marketing Multipliers

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Transparency, Intentional Growth and Live 2 Lead

Episode 34: Interview with Eric Jackson about Live 2 Lead

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How to be more authentic, niche down your business, and hustle to win

Episode 33: Interview with Russ Perry, founder of Design Pickle

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How To Burn Belly Fat FAST: Your New BFF

Episode 32: Interview with Kim Minert, how to burn fat for fuel

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