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Internal drivers that fuel your motivation

Have you ever noticed there are some activities that absolutely fuel your motivation, keep you going even late into the night and waking up early?  And there are other things that completely drain you stop you in your tracks and require you to reset and renew your mind on a regular basis.

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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website On Demand

I heard something interesting this week from Ryan Deiss, who is a brilliant online marketer that understands online marketing not just in relation to online marketing services…which is what a lot of people do, but understands how to use online marketing in other outside markets, such as offline products and brick and mortar local businesses.

Let’s talk about How To Increase Traffic

University of Vienna: Capture the moment … or simply everything

Just Call Me Mo via Compfight

He said, you don’t need to find new ways to find traffic….because traffic is easily available today.  You need to find a better strategy to capture the traffic that is already there.

So how do you create new traffic on demand?   Develop a new strategy to compel your ideal customer to self-select when they see your message.

How can you create a compelling message, weaved in with a well thought out strategy to capture the attention of your ideal target market?

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You Don’t Need As Wide Of A Reach As You Think

We all fall into this trap.  “I just need to get my message out to a wider audience”, on the first page of Google, Seen by more people, etc.

What if you didn’t need as wide of a reach as you think, yet get your message out more effectively?

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The 30-Second Hook That Builds Trust and Rapport

How does first impression affect your marketing?

It’s everything.  It’s how you build trust and rapport without being physically there in front of them.

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How To Use Google Plus Hangouts For Business

Online or Offline, business is still about people doing business with you when they know you, like you, and trust you.  Here is one way Google has helped to bridge the gap online.

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One Thing To Consider Before Driving Traffic To Your Website

Everyone wants more traffic to their website.  But it’s quite a mystery to most people as to where to find traffic and how to get it to their website.  There is one important thing to consider first in order to get more traffic.

What is traffic?  When someone says, “traffic” it usually means large groups of NEW people who visit your website.  It’s important to keep in mind that “traffic” is not internet people, these are real people with real needs and wants that visit your website.

If you look at traffic as numbers and not real people with needs, you’ll marketing efforts will look needy, sloppy and you’ll spend your time trying to “convince” people to visit your website, when it’s much easier to be compelling.  Trying to sell hard and convincing may not be as elegant as you think and it looks something like this….


If we back up what might happen before they click to visit your website, they may have been visiting another website or doing something else.  What would motivate them to click and visit your website.  They should have a specific reason, such as solving a problem they have, discovering a solution or giving them a “how to” solution to something they want.

In order to know the needs or wants of a person you have to know who that person is.  It’s important to see the target in order to hit it.

So, the one thing to consider before attempting to gain more traffic is to identify a niche.  All a niche is for this purpose here is a specific defined group of people.

College Students is one niche.  The parents of college students is an entirely different niche.  Your messages would be different.

After you define the niche, you can get more specific of your perfect prospect then it’s easier to find places that those people hang out online and offline and you’ll start to discover ways to reach those people.  When you know where they are, you put out a message that adds value to them and gives them something they want they will be attracted to your website and tell other people just like them to visit your website too.

It starts with defining the niche, finding the most important needs/wants of them and creating a compelling offer to attract them to your website.  When you define the niche you can be more compelling and don’t need to be convincing.

This article was written by Jeremy C. Jones, founder of – Want to connect? Twitter | Facebook | Google+

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How To Launch A New Product Or Program

Right now I’m learning from a guy I am fortunate to have met in person last month and got some million dollar ideas.  Literally….I’d like to share those ideas with you

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How To Totally And Completely Avoid Failure

Now that you’re here…I’m going to share with you how you can totally and completely avoid failure.

Actually you Can’t.  Did I ruin the surprise too early.

Actually you can avoid the “feeling” of failure, or viewing it as failure….or bouncing back from what seems like failure.

Did I fail and delivering this reality?  Or did I succeed at it?

Kristina Alexanderson via Compfight

Here’s how I look at it, most people are in two groups….someone who views situations looking for the positive, or the other will just look for the negative.

Here’s a quick exercise:

There are 600 Lives of people are at stake….

Group 1 – 100 lives will be saved, how many lives are at stake?

Group 2 – 100 lives are lost, how many lives are saved?

Without thinking about it too long…what is your answer?

People either move closer to pain, or avoid pleasure.

Most people also think you either fail, or you success….when the reality is that in order to get to success you have to move through, past, under, over, or crush failure….to get to success.

What comes first, matters.

The two groups question is simply a test of how you view the situation, the answer for both is 500.  In a study it when people saw the negative of 100 lives lost, putting negative FIRST it put them in a negative frame of reference and took them twice as long [about 11 seconds] to answer the simple math problem.

I learned about this study today when a friend and collegue Greg shared this video with me….it’s really great, enjoy.

If this video inspires you, click the social sharing buttons to the left.  Remember, start your day with gratitude, and afformations.  No, that’s not a typo….affirmations are a statement about what you desire as if you already had it.  Afformations are a concept developed by Noah St. John in an outstanding book titled, “Afformations” where you ask yourself empowering questions to set yourself in a positive, solution finding mindset.

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Question: What practices do you use to get yourself in a positive mindset in the morning?



LinkedIn Tips, The Missing Glove, And O.J. Simpson

“The glove doesn’t fit.” – O.J. Simpson

How would you like to be in 5 places at once.  Many of us feel like our to-do list is longer than hours in the day.  Lots of people struggle to fit blogging into their regular routine because they simply don’t know how to make the most of their time doing it.

Squeeze the juice out of your blog, and let it work for you.

“Were you on LinkedIn yesterday at 930pm O.J.?”  
“No, I wasn’t there.”
“I’d like to believe you but I saw you posting in 5 different groups Mr. Juice.”

If you follow the steps below, you’ll find out he was actually telling the truth…

11/365 January 11 - SqueezeSharon Drummond via Compfight

There is more than one way to prove you were not in a location that claiming that bloody glove doesn’t fit…jokes aside, let’s dive in here.

I’m going to share a strategy that will allow you to share your blog in 5+ groups on LinkedIn

Without showing up and investing hours in the groups…

Without showing up in one group.

Without even going to

When someone asks, “were you on LinkedIn today” – you can honestly tell them, “NO” – the glove doesn’t fit…I wasn’t there.

The way you make the most of blog is to use online tools to your advantage.  The tool I’m talking about today is a plugin for wordpress called DiggDigg.  This is a social sharing plugin that you can see….

if you look to your left [if on mobile the floating bar may not show up]

What you want to do is look for the LinkedIn share button there


The idea is that after you write a blog post, you visit your own article, and click this LinkedIn share button.

Next, this window pops up…and you’ll basically do 5 quick things


check the box to “Post to groups”

Enter the groups you want to share to, you can enter as many as you want…just make sure the content you are posting would be of value to those in the group.

Enter a great title or question and details about what you are posting…as you can see it includes a link with an image also

What I wrote here was something like “I just wrote this article, if you have any extra tips I’ll add them, give you credit, with a link and all that jazz [which I actually do fulfill on]

Last step, click “Share”

And you’ll see this fancy confirmation box come up…and you are done.


You’ve successfully posted your article in 5, 10, 20 or 30 groups at one time…with a few clicks.

And you were never at the scene of the “time wasting crime” of wasting too much time on LinkedIn.  Now I do recommend you take time to go into the groups and engage with the members…hopefully you did some of that first.

Now you know how to post in 5 places at once, without even going there

Where are you going to drive that white Ford Bronco around with all that extra time you have…ok, enough OJ jokes.

I squeezed enough “Juice” out of that one.

If this was helpful for you, look to your left and click on the LinkedIn share button and try sharing this post with a few of your LinkedIn groups now…try it out. Just tell them “Just found out about this cool way to share great stuff on LinkedIn, check it out”

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E018: Using LinkedIn To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In Your Social Media Marketing Plan

You may be blogging and have a community of readers and database built up and you’re looking to grow your readership or you’re just getting started looking for your first 100 readers.  There are two types of bloggers; the first type knows the typical LinkedIn user has an average income level of $100,000 among their users and is actively searching for a way to reach those people, and the second type of person already has the best people on LinkedIn reading their blog.

Which are you? 🙂

I’m going to share with you the best way to use LinkedIn to drive consistent traffic to your blog by using the “blue door strategy”.

MADONNA TA'POMPEICreative Commons License Juan Cabanillas via Compfight

There are a few ways to share your blog content on LinkedIn.  One is to share as a status update, which will be seen by your connections if they happen to see it in their news feed.

Another way, a better way, is to join groups appropriate to where your target market gathers.  If you are an insurance agent and you are looking to attract parents age 40-50 as an example, don’t join the Insurance Agent Association.

LinkedIn has groups just like Facebook, they are organized usually by affinity or common interest. You can have a maximum of 50 groups you are a part of and should first join groups that you have an interest in or would have common connect with the people in the group.

Next you’ll want to join groups where the people you want to reach are hanging out.  Within groups you can post what is called a “discussion”.  This is where you can ask for professional advice or start a discussion that the people in the group may be interested in.

In these groups you want to be sure to not post “ads”.  You want to deliver high-value content that will help to solve common challenges or answer questions of your target audience and a simple call to action if they want to learn more, where they can go.

Create a simple “blue door” call to action, that is simple and welcoming.  Not a link to “buy my stuff”, but a link that delivers a path to learn more about what you’ve covered.

There you go.  One strategy to generate consistent traffic from LinkedIn by targeting your ideal client and how to attract them.

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Episode #018 with Jeremy C. Jones


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