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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy

“Online Marketing Made Simple”

You Don’t Have To Be Brilliant To Understand Marketing

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How To Use Google Plus

Yesterday I attended a workshop where one topic was using Google+ for business.   Many people have not yet been convinced it’s worth their time, why would I spend my time on yet another social network?

I was thinking the same thing, in addition, Google plus doesn’t have near the amount of users as Facebook, so it makes sense to get new customers go where the people are right?  I’d like to share a few ideas with you on why you may want to take a serious look at G+ Continue reading

Three Ways Your Blog Is Costing You Money

Today I’d like to cover why your blog may be costing you money and three ways to fix it.  When I say costing you money, I mean money you may be losing out on by not getting customers or readers.

Most websites today especially if they are wordpress sites have a blog included, you can quickly correct a few things that will give you a better chance of getting new customers and clients. Continue reading

How to market a business

Are Advertisers Liars?  How to market a business…without Lying.

You see it all the time in ads….

Use this credit card so you can walk on the beaches of the world, you deserve it.

Eat this stuff, you’ll look cool immediately to all your friends.

Attend our college, your life sucks admit it…you’ll have the life of your dreams after you graduate.

Use this deoderant and the opposite sex will find you irresistible.

Are they giving us what we want, or are they liars? Continue reading

How To Get Outstanding Testimonials

Have you ever had a really happy client and after asking them if they would write you a testimonial, they happily agree to send it to you tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes right?  How do you create urgency and get them to want to send it to you right away….here are two simple things you can do. Continue reading

Easter Seals

Have you ever felt like you were meant to help other people?  Well, one organization we enjoy supporting is Easter Seals. Continue reading

Meet Lauren Anderson


[Project 212]

Meet Lauren Anderson

You have greatness in you.  Don’t believe it?  Well, in this short audio you’ll discover people just like you that are every-day heroes living among us…find out what it takes to set yourself apart, live a life of significance, become a people magnet and, Continue reading

What Is A Cross Promotion?

What if there were a way for someone else to promote your product or service for Free?  There are many ways to create win-win situations for this to happen, one simple way to do it is called a “cross-promotion”.  Today I’ll share with you some ideas how you can run a cross-promotion and have other people promote your business for you without paying them. Continue reading

3 Steps to Attract New Referrals


Many times how you think about a situation will cause you to respond a certain way that will affect your results.  In order for you to get an ongoing stream of referrals you have to have a combination of the right mindset and a solid skill set. Continue reading

FINALLY! Learn how to get customers chasing you

Discover A Simple Way To Attract New Clients!

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