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How Mr. Best Had 37,000 Worthless Impressions

Mr. Best who own Best Enterprise wants to get 37,000 people to know about his business this month, what should he do?  Here is an example of branding WINNING and an example of a Branding FAIL, and how to know if YOU might be guilty of a branding fail.

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What Is A Cross Promotion?

What if there were a way for someone else to promote your product or service for Free?  There are many ways to create win-win situations for this to happen, one simple way to do it is called a “cross-promotion”.  Today I’ll share with you some ideas how you can run a cross-promotion and have other people promote your business for you without paying them. Continue reading

FINALLY! Learn how to get customers chasing you

Discover A Simple Way To Attract New Clients!

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How to Get a Video Testimonial


How to get new clients with video email

Train your clients on how to give a great video testimonial, here is an article that may help

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The Seven Tips For Effective Pinterest Marketing

This guide is taken from the ideas of the classic book by Stephen Covey
7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which I recommend to everyone

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Meet Ray Chubb

How to empower consumers

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How to get new local clients on Facebook

Most people are trying to use their marketing as a megaphone to shot-gun their message out there.  We are bombarded with so much content today that most people just tune it out.  The strategy you may want to consider is using “context” to your target audience.  Context means targeting them specific to their needs, wants, don’t wants, or interests.

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