One thing I enjoy most about being around kids is that they think big, dream big, and they are not afraid to fail. Kids say and do the funniest things.

Recently we were searching around for tools and resources to help our son with learning resources and I recently came across this hilarious article from that shows some really funny things kids do.

There is one thing about kids, they are risk takers. If you are writing a book, you are taking a risk to put your work out there. Don’t be afraid to fail, big success is always preceded by some sort of risk.

Parents can relate to this, our kids say some hilarious and unexpected things for sure.  Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite!

[1] Simple assignment…name these shapes

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[2] When giving instructions – be extremely CLEAR 🙂

[3] Okay, okay…What are you really asking me here teech? I don’t think you really know the most dangerous thing here.

[4] Pure, unfiltered honesty.  Grown-ups are in fact, weird.

[5] Clearly, you weren’t specifically asking “exactly” how I found this answer….yes, grown-ups are weird.

[6] Ok teacher, this was clearly a trick.

[7] This is me thinking…what do you look like when you are thinking?

[8] Honestly I don’t understand this one…but that arctic Wordbank is very majestic

[9] This is correct if you are sitting in English class

[10] Ok, this makes perfect sense…

[11] The completely honest eye witness – kids tell all.

[12] Once you discover the wonderful invention of “White-Out”, it solves a lot of problems.

Another fun thing about kids is that they are not afraid to fail. Enjoy!

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