Episode 17: Interview with Ron Broussard

About Ron Broussard:

Ron Broussard

Ron is an international author, speaker and executive coach, he helps business leaders and people stretch their relationship capital by using their energy, influence, and resources to create positive changes in their business and life.

His business and brand STRETCH YOURSELF™ was created to help serve my life’s purpose of helping to change the lives of millions of people.

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Episode 17 Show Notes:

  • About Ron’s book, “Stretch Yourself: Ten Step To Achieving Effective Relationships In Business and Life”
  • New science of relationship – Technology has changed the game about relationships. It made the world smaller, but also made it louder.
  • Tip: Take the science out of the relationship. Example: If you meet someone online, take the relationship offline. Meet them in person, shake their hand, become personable. We got two ears and one mouth, so we can listen more.
  • What ruins relationships – Not being in the present moment. People are not taking the time to genuinely listen to others with full attention. And not bringing value to the relationship. Or being intentional with the relationship.
  • Ron’s just starting out advice: Look for networking events. But only to start building relationships, not to sale yourself. Talk and find out what their need is and bring them some value first.
  • Advice on referrals: No such thing as giving too much value. And ask for business and ask for referrals by 1) Giving discounts, 2) Turn around and send that person that referred me, a gift card. To show appreciation.
  • Final thought. Take the time to connect or reconnect to show appreciation for their relationship. Lastly, ask for the business.



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