The #1 Habit To Reach Your Goals Faster

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

September 2, 2020


Episode 203: Interview with Turk Akbay

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Turk Akbay:

Turk Akbay is a seeker, author, inspirational speaker, consultant, and, most of all, an uplifter. He immigrated to the United States on his own as a teenager in search of living the American dream. He has dedicated over 30 years of his life to his own personal development and in turn to helping others reach their full potential by self-actualizing their own greatness. Turk has a natural gift of viewing and experiencing life, and as a speaker, he expresses life in ways that bring his audience into new perspectives. He easily conveys high-level thinking in a light and humorous way., As a speaker, he views his talks as co-creative experiences with his audience. He challenges their beliefs by exploring new thought ideas, allowing the audience to discover for themselves their own truth. Audiences are left with a new awareness and appreciation for life, and are inspired to reach for more of the life they desire. Turk Akbay is a decorated U.S. Air Force Veteran He is the creator of Subliminal Coaching. He is also the Founder and co-founder of multiple companies. his TEDx talk titled “Are you ‘Being’ an American?” can be found on YouTube.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Most people try to reach goals with action, but that’s going about it the longer way.
  • 3 main components of success are Beliefs, Habits, Mindset
  • Once you understand these components by working on your MindSet you can make your life easier and reach your goals faster.

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Jeremy Jones


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