#240 The impact of always expecting great things to happen | Richard Marks

Episode 240 Interview with Richard Marks



Founder & President of RDM Management Group, a training company which focuses on professional development , sales, and leadership training. The core of Richard’s practice is based on four key principles: Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence. These are the same four key principles which have allowed Richard to have a successful 30-year career in business and sales. Richard’s corporate experience afforded him the opportunity to take on struggling teams and turn them into top performers. Richard is known for working within a business structure to identify communication gaps and roadblocks that impede the effectiveness of teams and individuals.

Richard is a Veteran of the United States Army, a professional speaker, as well as a performance business coach and trainer. Richard is also an established author of Expect Great Things To Happen: Five Core Principles of Highly Effective Business Professionals.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Self- Awareness or lack thereof is a skill that is often missed diagnose by many leaders. It is often camouflaged by attempting to hold their direct reports accountable for results.
  • Leadership is organic growth, the people skills to get things done through other people requires interpersonal skills, a growth mindset and finesse.
  • “Expecting Great Things to Happen” is an attitude, a positive attitude to be exact. If you’re going to weather the storms of leadership and life, how you show up mentally will determine your experiences and ultimately your outcomes.


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