#262 A non-traditional approach to breaking free from 9-5s and finding peace in life | Keith Johns

Episode 262: Interview with Keith Johns


About: Keith Johns
Keith Allen Johns is an entrepreneurship coach who helps corporate leaders who are feeling stuck in their 9-5 break free from corporate by building & scaling a purpose-driven business.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Struggle is optional
    Discuss flow state, energy management, intuition and how to opt out of the “grinder” mentality
  • Detachment is freedom
    Our attachments are our misery, and we get very attached to things — especially in entrepreneurship — going a certain way. When they don’t, we give up. Learn how to take aligned action and let the universe decide what happens next.
  • Purpose and values are vital
    Your purpose shows you who you want to help; your values tell you who you want to hang out with as you fulfill your purpose.
    Get those 2 things right and the money will take care of itself.


Enjoy the episode

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