Episode 33: Interview with Russ Perry, founder of Design Pickle

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About Russ Perry


Working as an in-house designer and then as a house marketer and started his own agency and did that for many years. He left that industry in 2014 and ended up as an unemployed entrepreneur so he decided to niche down and find a better way to tackle this industry services providing design to people and that is where Design Pickle emerged.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Niche down
  • Authenticity is your secret weapon
  • Hustle your pickles off

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  • I believed that we are sort of pressured by society to be everything to everyone and when we are looking on as being a leader or entrepreneur we just have so many people that we are trying to please or trying to serve or deliver our products and services to. The biggest mistake is to try being everything to everyone, the generalist. Not having the ability to specialize and become an expert makes you just okay at a lot of stuff and that’s just not sustainable. Doing less so that I could be better and be an expert on what I was doing.
  • To niche down is having a simple business model that is repeatable and scalable that you could have a process developed, that you can hand that progress on to somebody and they can do it with great output. Just simplify what you are doing and that is a niche you can do yourself.


  • To remain sober we need to know who we are and who we were before. It was finally that authentic place that we didn’t need any management or suppression anything to be who we want to be. We should be honest and open about what we really wanted. If we decided to get authentic our foundation will be so strong. When you are struggling the most about knowing what to do or making decisions, 9 times out of 10 it is because you are making a shift consolation away from who you are authentically. The more we make our decisions to be clear then we can be more effective leaders.
  • When all these roles are getting stocked on, those responsibilities are immediate and we start to put these things first. When we are not being authentic and putting that out to the universe everyone around us reaction is based on this false reality and we get false feedback and get pissed at it, but in reality it is our own fault that you weren’t being clear in the first place.
  • It’s funny when we want to be people pleasing but at the same time when you are authentic you’re not gonna please some people and this weird balance that we have to figure out for our own authentic voice. But if we put our authentic selves out, the better the results will be.


  • When we want to get stuff done we go and we do it. We make decisions and we take action. Half of the time it is probably wrong but the fact that you are making a decision getting the response back good or bad then you can make ten more decisions from there, based on that feedback gets you further along versus waiting, planning and thinking. After listening to a podcast an audience did five things they’d be so much further along.
  • We all want to hustle and we want to work hard. It is much better to be focused on things that you do really well.


  • The biggest mistake is to try being everything to everyone.
  • We should be honest and open about what we really want.
  • If we decide to get authentic, our foundation will be so strong.
  • When we want to get stuff done, we go and we do it.



  • Book coming soon, The Sober Entrepreneur
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Russ Perry, Design Pickle