How Mr. Best Had 37,000 Worthless Impressions

Mr. Best who own Best Enterprise wants to get 37,000 people to know about his business this month, what should he do?  Here is an example of branding WINNING and an example of a Branding FAIL, and how to know if YOU might be guilty of a branding fail.

Are you branding your business for the objective of “getting your name out there” or for building trust?

In my new book “Bloggify Your Business” that will be coming out March 2013 on Kindle I discuss how many small business owners find themselves in the “online branding rat race”

Being self employed we don’t need to be in the same “race” as major corporations in doing branding campaigns, they have millions of dollars budgeted to build awareness because when you go into the local store chances are you may recognize their name on the shelf.

If you are self employed and you business is “Best Enterprise” you can do all the branding you want but if there isn’t a place where people can engage with you it may be wasted effort.

In my podcast where I had Gary Vaynerchuk on as a guest this topic came up, we discussed that we need to focus getting customers and branding happens along the way as we build trust with our customers.

I have seen this vehicle here in Phoenix a few times and yesterday took a picture to show you a real life example of what I have been explaining with this concept.



Sure “Best Enterprise” is a great name to let everyone know they are the “Best” or maybe it’s the last name of the guy that owns the business, I have no idea who this person is and I’m sure they are a good person, but like a lot of small business owners they are good at their trade, but need help in marketing and we can help give them marketing coaching.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong…I’m just saying isn’t not effective.

He’s been driving this vehicle around for months, my guess is that over 37,000 people have seen this is passing on the freeway, parked in shopping centers, driving on their daily commute and 100% of the people gain NOTHING by Best Enterprise LLC in their efforts of “getting their name out there”.

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This was over 37,000 wasted impressions.  Doesn’t matter if it’s offline marketing impressions or online blog/website impressions.  The rules to the game are the same.

What if instead, I decided I wanted to plaster a sticker on the back of my vehicle [which I have no interest in doing], and instead chose a way to create engagement with a target market.

Text JEREMYJ to 50500 to Learn:
The 5 Mistakes Most People Make When Starting An Online Business?

You can actually use that text code by the way, but the give-away listed above is just an example.

Wait…don’t they need to know my company name?  Nope.  People don’t care.
Your target market ONLY cares about, “What’s In It For Them”.  Period.

How many people have a cell phone in their pocket or with them while driving?
All of them.

How many people carry a cell phone while walking across the parking lot?

Make your marketing all about your target market’s needs.  Give them an easy way to engage with you.

Looking back I should have contacted Mr. Best, offering him some advice on how to improve his marketing, however there was no contact information or call to action.  I have no idea how to reach out to Mr. Best other than leaving a scrap paper note on his windshield, however I didn’t have any paper on me and his target market probably wasn’t comfortable leaving a note either by asking,
“I know you are the BEST, but what do you do?”

If you have seen someone who has posted a marketing FAIL on facebook or sent you a marketing FAIL email please pass this post along to them.

Leave a comment below with any ideas this gives you to offer value first to YOUR target market.  What could YOUR sticker say?