Episode 84: Interview with Cortney Donelson

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About Cortney Donelson

Cortney holds a Master’s Degree from Ithaca College in New York and professional certifications in human resources and the health sciences. However, she feels compelled to pursue her dream of writing, speaking, and coaching.

She believes the content for her writing only came to fruition after experiencing one of the greatest tragedy-turned-love-stories ever told. Her first book, which will be released by Morgan James publishing on March 7, 2017 called Clay Jar, Cracked, and her devotional blog, “As a Clay Jar,” are the products of her passions, faith, heart to encourage others, and God’s provision. Cortney lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her courageous husband and her two extraordinary children and works for International Mission Foundation.

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3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • You can thrive in the middle of your crisis.
  • Pornography addiction is destroying marriages
  • True justice happens when there is reconciliation of a relationship, not simply a righting of wrongs

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