When you have something that appreciates over time that means it gains value, they opposite would be that it depreciates.  How do we create relationships that appreciate over time?  By adding more value, here’s how…

First off Happy Mothers Day.  I don’t normally write on Sunday, but it’s very early Sunday morning and Mothers Day is one of those holidays we all know we need to take time to appreciate our moms and our wife who is being a super-mom.  My wife was also a single mom before we met.  She had a 3 year old little girl and she worked full time, went to school full time and somehow had time to allow me into her life [what a blessing].  I give a huge applause to single parents, because they have to do it all.


We just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, we have a 3 year old son together and wow, I can’t imagine having to take care of everything myself.  Anyone who is a single parent moms or dad that makes sacrifices and work hard to take the best care of their kids they can, it’s admirable.

Take time out to appreciate other Moms today and let single moms or single dads know what a great job they are doing.

This is how you appreciate people.  You appreciate them for what they are doing, the contribution they make even outside of your relationship.

Most of us say we “appreciate” someone only after they do something for us.

Think about if you help someone by referring them a new customer and they never say “thank you”.

What if you do it again, and they don’t say thank you again.  The scale doesn’t seem even right?  It’s almost as if they don’t appreciate what you’ve done for them.

A good way to “balance the scale” would be for them to say, “thank you”.

A better way would be for them to say, “I appreciate it”.  “It” being the referral you gave them….well of course they appreciate the referral, but does that acknowledge them?

Probably the best way would be  to say, “I appreciate your effort in thinking of me to send the referral.”

“I appreciate your efforts.”

We all want our work and efforts to be appreciated.

How often do you think people hear that someone appreciates their efforts?  I’m sure you can agree, it’s rare and people are starving for someone to recognize it.

Don’t wait for someone to do something for YOU to let them know you appreciate them and what they do.

I appreciate you reading this blog, it means a lot to me.  I also appreciate everything you do to balance your work, business and family life.  It’s hard work, and I want you to know many of the people around to do appreciate what you do, they just forget to express it to you.

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