There are two types of marketing messages.  Push messages and pull messages.  Attraction marketing is the type that draws people toward you, and push messages are more of a direct selling message.  Here are a few tips on developing an attraction marketing strategy.

Most people go online searching for information, not to instantly buy.  While you do want them to buy from you while at the same time giving them education to fill a need for them and offer value, what can you do?  Attract them to the value you can offer them.

Attraction marketing is education based marketing.

You can take your expertise and put it into an exclusive product that helps solve a problem for a very low cost, anywhere from $1 – $3.  People are 21 times more likely to spend more with you if they have already spent money with you, even $1.

What if you could offer something to people for an extremely low coast of entry that give value to your customer and it doesn’t take any of your time?

By allowing people to purchase something from you once that positions you as an expert and builds enough trust to upgrade them to a possible higher paying client later you’re putting “Attraction Marketing” into action.

Find something you can do for $50 that takes you quick, 30 seconds of your personal time or none at all.

Look for a low barrier of entry to become your customer, build trust and upgrade them later.  Sometimes a high cost front end product or service is like at 10 foot wall that just looks to intimidating for a new customer.

I’m not going around looking for 10 foot walls to jump over,
I’m looking for a 1 foot wall to step over. -Warren Buffett

Falling Heroes

If you keep hitting a brick wall by people object in starting with you as a new client or you get the common objection “I can’t afford it”, try starting with a lower cost attraction marketing model where you can qualify people and build trust at the same time.

Question:  What is the number one concern or problem
of your target audience/customer?