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#234 The most undervalued competitive advantage in corporate America Interview with Jennifer Tardy


Jennifer Tardy, Career Success Coach, owns and operates JTC which is a diversity and inclusion consulting organization in Maryland. Through her #CareerSuccess coaching programs for job seekers and #HiringSuccess diversity training programs for recruiters, she is on a mission to make it easy for recruiters and historically underrepresented job seekers to meet and forge career success. She is an official partner to LinkedIn and The Society for Diversity where she serves as a career coach to it’s members.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

      • Lived Experience Intelligence (+ LEQ) is the most undervalued competitive advantage in corporate America.
      • Employers must tap into the latent LEQ within their organization in order to realize its benefits.
      • Employees must opt into using their LEQ in order for an organization to realize its benefits.

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