What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a way to store your files digitally so they can remotely be synced or accessed from any internet connection, even a mobile phone application [app]


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Here is a common application of using the cloud:

Drop a file in your desktop folder, instantly sync to your mobile app [on your smart phone if you have one, but it’s not required], then access it from any computer or share a folder with someone else just by emailing a link, no more emailing big files.


I find it’s faster and easier to communicate and collaborate with others using the cloud.

I just upgraded to over 50 gigs of cloud storage with dropbox.  It’s so much easier to transfer files to clients, share public files and folders and sync files.  If you work from two different computers, you update the file on one computer it automatically updates it on the cloud stored file, when you access it from computer two, the file is updated automatically…it’s referred to as “sync” as in synchronize.


Which cloud data storage service do you use?  why/why not


Here’s an affiliate link where you can start with some free storage to try it out here

Which cloud service do you use?  why/why not