How To Get Anything You Want…Automatic.

How would you like to have exactly what you want, where you want to be in your business in 12 months happen automatically?  Write down what you want it, because I’ll show it how it can be yours, fully automatic.

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Forget about goal setting.

Consider getting clear on what the #1 result is you want, and today you’ll learn how to get it “Automatic”.

Sometimes things change when you change the way you look at it…so don’t call it a “goal” call it the “#1 Result” you want.

When you think of the word “automatic” what comes to mind….a mistake would be to think “instant”.  The definition of Automatic here is something that happens without any conscious effort on your part, without mental strain.


To become the best at what you do you’ve got to become a master at what you do best, complete mastery. Someone who has mastery can explain exactly what they do clearly and they can achieve it without any mental strain.

When we do something for the first time it requires mental strain, because we are working out cause and effect in our mind, what will happen if we do this or that, how can it change the outcome. Our self-confidence is at play, questioning if we should do something, we think a lot about what we are doing.

How To Get Anything You Want…Automatic.

You’re Already On Automatic

Did you drive to work today? Did you notice if you have a regular route to an office or pick your kids up from school, somewhere you drive the same way about the same time every day that you drive there almost automatic. Not getting there instantly…get my point.

So how do we achieve exactly what we want, automatic?

We develop habits that achieve our #1 desired result.

Actually we don’t do results….results happen from the facilitation of activities that lead us to getting to a result. So we can’t make daily habits just on our results.

Consider this…You are already on automatic.  Is it in the direction you want…maybe, maybe not.  Think some people become successful because they are lucky?  Maybe the harder they work on mastery they luckier they get…

#1 Results

Take a result you want in 12 months. Break it down into the 5 major things that if they were accomplished you would get the #1 result. Now take each of those 5 and break those into tasks that can be done in about 30 minutes or less. If it takes longer, they turn turn that item into a project, then break that into smaller tasks.

Next find habits you can create in your daily routine that can facilitate you doing those, as an example, 3 things you need to do to complete a larger project…after a while, when you know where you are and what your desired result is clearly then the tasks become habit and automatic just like driving….without mental strain.

If you know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle and you’re used to it, that may be automatic for you, right? Remember when you drove a manual/stick for the first time? Was it a smooth ride? The same can happen for your new habits, it may be a little bumpy, but keep your eye on the #1 result, and realize that you are keeping on task for a reason.


If you develop habits that are automatic, the tasks accomplish something bigger over time they you have achieved what you really want and made it come to you automatic.

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