Three easy ways to get testimonials

Regardless if you have been in business a long time or just starting out it’s a good idea to have written testimonials from lots of people.  This let’s them know you are professional and other people think highly enough of you to write something good about you.  There are lots of easy ways to do this now electronically.

In this blog post I’ll give you 3 easy ways to get testimonials.

Three easy ways to get testimonials

You can’t tell your potential customer
how great you are…

It’s always better for someone else to say you do a great job rather than you.  It’s also easy now to get testimonials on video using YouTube or a video email service like Face2Mail which I use and really enjoy.  Start with clients of yours in the past, then I will explain how you can get professional recommendations from those who have not been your clients yet.

1. Bribe People to Get Testimonials

Not with money of course…unless you want to I’m sure they’ll accept, but you don’t need to.

This is actually pretty easy. Do a webinar or presentation on something that your target prospect would like to learn, some examples:

– How to get leads from Facebook
– How to get traffic from Pinterest
– How to run a profitable webinar
– Etc

Invite people to attend the webinar or presentation, make sure it is top notch material and then, at the end, ask the attendees if it would be helpful to have a recording of the presentation. If no one is interested in a recording, make sure the content is better next time, but in most cases people will be interested in getting their hands on the recording. Tell them that you will happily send the recording to anyone who provides you with a testimonial on how great of a trainer you are or how good your information on (whatever topic) is. Be specific with what type of testimonial you want, written or in video should be specified.

2. Use Linked In

Linked In has a feature where you can request a recommendation.  The best way to get them to actually do it?  Write one for them first, submit a request for a recommendation, then send them an email to let them know what you did because you believe they are very professional and you hope it helps, make a subtle and polite request they write one for you…99% chance you will get one in return.

I personally like LinkedIn recommendations because they are on your profile page and they only way they can be added it when they are actually written by the person, so there is no way they can be faked.  You can then copy/paste and use this testimonial anywhere else on your website and link back to the linkedIn page if you choose.

3. Video Recommendation

Most people have a video camera on your smart phone.  When you are with someone that you believe would recommend you one of the most powerful tesimonials is a positve message by video.  Don’t worry about what you or they look like on camera, it’s the message 🙂  If they are tech savvy or use video you can ask them to do it for you, but this is one way you can pro-actively get them done.

Ask them if it would be ok if you meet to do a quick video you want to put online that would help them promote their business and it may help them get new customers, most people will agree.  When you meet ask them if they would recommend YOU to others.  If they say yes, let them know you’d like to do a quick video of the following:

Record yourself on your phone saying, “Hi this is [your name] here with Bob who is one of the most professional insurance agents in all of [your area]…make it a true statement for why you’d recommend him to others, be sincere.

point the camera at them and ask them to say something positive about you, if they have never been your customer it could be why they recommend you, you are professional,  always a great resource to them etc.

Make the video very short, maybe 30 seconds.  This short clip endorses you and your referral partner, let them know you’ll be letting all your potential clients see this and it will recommend them also every time someone sees it.  Win, win.

People do business with those they know, like and trust.  If they see lots of other people know, like and trust you it will be easier for them to find you a trustworthy person, especially if they know the person personally who is recommending you.

Don’t keep putting it off, do it TODAY!


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