The Google SLAP myth – Happy Birthday Google

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

September 23, 2013


There is no question, Google puts out fantastic products and the Google Slap was a myth.  You can’t put lipstick on a Pig.  Google celebrates it’s 15th birthday September 27th and here’s why…

A Solid Brand

Google has a first class brand, they put out incredible products and services and put the customers needs, wants and desires first.  Many small business owners tend to think they need to visually brand their business like Google, McDonalds or T-Mobile.  You see these logos everywhere, but it didn’t start out this way.  They started with providing a first class service first, and the branding is a result of giving people what they want.  You can’t provide a crappy service and expect to “brand build” your way through it.

You can’t put lipstick on a pig.


Brand Promise

What you may want to consider building is the delivery of your brand promise.  This is the values and promises that you promise to deliver when people do business with you.  For some it’s customer service, for others it’s a custom experience to give you exactly what you want…it could be a number of things but your delivery of this creates a story that can be carried on by your customers.

The Google SLAP, was actually a SMACK of a kiss to their customers

What the “internet marketers” call the Google Slap was in their mind an attempt to block their marketing efforts.  It was a change in the Google search algorithm that determines what results come up.

If you notice, any change they make is to enhance YOUR search results.

There will always be people that try to shortcut the rules.  Apparently there is a hack for the new iPhone fingerprint security feature that was supposed to give more security has been broken already, but that’s another story according to Huffington Post.

Google’s search results were coming up based on keywords and some were stuffing unrelated keywords just to get on the top of search results, so they felt that Google “Slapped” them in the face.

Provide leadership to your customers by keeping your integrity first.

Google could have easily turned this into a money maker for them, just taking payments for advertisers that were stuffing keywords, but this was not a part of Google’s Brand Promise.  Their promise to Google search is that you would find the most relevant results to what YOU were searching for…they are constantly using technology to make these results more catered to you.

The real SMACK

In an effort to make search results to what you want they have introduced social search results based upon who you are connected with on Google Plus and what your friends review and +1

Also last week they introduce social search on Google Maps so you can get top results from your friends locations and see reviews.

What was thought to be a SLAP was actually the result of keeping their Brand Promise.  This is why I decided to become a Google Engage marketing partner, now called Google Partner; to keep educated on the recent changes is search results and I promote their products and apps as very efficient tools for small business owners.

Make your brand promise not to cut corners and shortcut how your customers find you, but do use Value Driven Marketing to provide value first and follow up with a first class customer experience.

Happy 15th Birthday Google, keep up the great work and cheers to another 15 years!

Leave a comment below with what you like most about Google apps or products.




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Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones


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