How to market a fiction book and find more readers FREE

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

January 26, 2016

Most non-fiction books teach an idea so the marketing can be a little more straight forward. Due to the strategies in using education-based marketing, you can take one method, strategy or idea from your book and extend the reach of your platform. Here let’s discuss how you can market your fiction book free.

Fiction books can be a little more dynamic because they are giving value not by teaching, but with entertainment. Yes, entertainment is value.

Today, I’ll give you 3 basic ideas to market your fiction book more effectively and pro-actively rather than sitting back and waiting for the book sales to come rolling in (what most authors do).

Let’s assume you have a great book title, a compelling book cover, a good book description that captivates the potential reader to gain interest. Wow, with all that done it seems like you’d have a fun white-water rafting trip through the flood of sales…but what if you don’t? If you are a first-time author you’ll want to take advantage of two types of marketing, passive and active.

Passive Marketing

Passive means putting bait on the hook, casting out your fishing line and when they smell the bait they bite (similar to the Client Bait idea of marketing I share in my top 3 Amazon best seller Client Bait). If you don’t have the 3 things listed above, start there. Great book content, book cover, book description.

Active Marketing

Active marketing means you’ve cast out your fishing line as your Client (Reader) Bait and you’re waiting…but you’re hungry, so it’s time to hunt. You want to have 3 or 4 active marketing strategies you can do daily to pump the pump and make your marketing an active part of getting readers rather than waiting around.

Sure after you have a few books in your body of work and you’ve got a growing platform you can publish a book and watch the sales flood in, but typically most first time authors will need to be a little (a lot) more pro-active.

First: Target Reader

Let’s start with all things that make an effective direct response marketing campaign, your target market. Who is your ideal reader? Sure everyone would enjoy your book, but who are the people that get on the pre-sales list. Who are the people that are counting down the days until the author’s next book is released? We want to clearly identify that person. Others will come across your book and get it, but it will help you create your marketing message around knowing who your ideal reader is.

Second: What else does your reader like?

Within Amazon they have this great feature after you buy a book they say, “Readers who bought this book also bought…” as a clue to what other types of books you may like. Do some research in your book category on Amazon online, walk into local book stores and look on the best-seller shelf and find out book in your category that are doing well and ask yourself, “Would this reader LOVE my book too?”.

Third: Give them value

There are all kinds of additional value you can offer to your target reader other than your actual book. While writing this article I am having several ideas on marketing fiction books that I’ve seen to be effective but in this article I’m going to narrow down and give you one stellar idea. If you’d like others send me an email and ask and I’m happy to share more ideas with you.

A simple way to market fiction books

Here’s an idea and this may apply to you and it may not but, my guess is that if you like writing and publishing fiction books you typically enjoy reading fiction books as well. Go to your physical library or book shelf and scan through your books now. Look for a book you really enjoyed that you would recommend to your idea reader (remember you described them above).

Next, turn on your phone and record a short video or use your webcam. I want you to write down 3 things you liked best about the fiction book you selected and a basic summary of the book (few sentences). Record a selfie video (you may not like to show your face on video, but this helps build trust and people can get to know who you are) while you explain in 3 or 4 minutes the 3 things you like about the book you selected and a basic summary of the book, then at the very end say, if you love books like this or if you read this book and you enjoyed it you would really enjoy a book I wrote called (name of your book), you can get it by going to

That’s it. 3 points, a short summary and a call to action if they like books like that.

This article was about the marketing strategy, anyone can do this. If you’d like to know how to get 1000 people directed to your YouTube book review video that’s coming in another video; if you’d like to learn how to do that leave a comment below.


I hope this helps give you few great ideas how as a first time author you can promote a fiction book.  If you are ready to become a credible expert online and you are self-publishing your book you can get a copy of my book “Power AUTHORity” Free…

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