How to promote an event

Won’t it be GREAT to never hear again, “I can’t make it to your event, my goldfish died.”  Many people get frustrated when they have people they invite to come to an event, maybe these are potential customers or networking partners and no one shows, or very few.  Let’s discuss why that may be and how to fix it. 

  1. They show up for your reasons not yours
  2. They didn’t hear you
  3. They see more value in not showing up, than being there

Here are 3 things to consider when promoting or inviting to an event, this way they don’t tell you they can’t show up because the goldfish died, their lawnmower needs a new pulley, they bumped their head and think it might be a concussion and won’t be able to make it or you can prevent them from just flat out not showing up.  Now, I understand life happens, but this will help increase your odds and save you time chasing after people, which is never fun and don’t recommend.

First, and most importantly it’s all about them, not about you.  You have to promote to them why it’s important for them to attend for their personal reasons and benefit not yours.  I hear people tell me, I invited this person and they didn’t show up or call, how rude.  I ask, why were they coming?  They respond, to come check out our product.  Yep, I wouldn’t be there either….however I’d let them know I won’t be there, not a fan of the “sure, I”ll be there” and just not show philosophy that unfortunately is so popular.  Find out what they want or need, try and tie that into why they should come.

Next they didn’t hear you.  Now, I’m not saying to shout it to them…it’s because they maybe didn’t relate to you.  Meaning, each of us communicate in 3 basic ways, auditory, visual, or feeling.  Listen to how they communicate if they say, “it sounds like/ I hear you” they may be auditory, if they say “I see how, I see what you mean” they are probably visual, and if they say, “I’ll feel it out” they may be more kinesthetic or feeling.

If you learn they want to have more energy in the morning, and let’s say your product can do that, and they also seem like an auditory communicator your invite should talk to them in that way.  “I have heard what you say about wanting more energy, and it sounds like you would really feel better through the day if you had something to help you.  Why don’t you come to our event, you’ll hear about something that may be an option, if it sounds good we can discuss it, if not at least you’ll have another option”.

The third point is that they see more value in not going, than being there.  If you connect with them in how they communicate and you target their personal needs they see value in being at your event…now when the cat has fleas, they dog bit the neighbor, their goldfish dies, it’s not as important as being at your event.


  1. Sounds like a great event to be at to help them out
  2. They can see why they should be there
  3. They felt showing up would be great value to them

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Also, are you more visual, auditory or feeling type communicator?

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