I’ve heard it said that after January 15th basically 80% of the people who set resolutions either gave up on what they started or totally forgot what they thought they should do as resolutions.  If you find yourself slipping off track to what you really want this year maybe this will help you.

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1. Focus on who you “are”

Make an effort to not only know “Why” you want the things, but who you will become in the process.  Make the person you want to become a “Must” have this year, not a “Should have”.  We all have lists of things we know we should do, but until we reach the tipping point or something dramatic happens in our life happens it turns into a Must have, and we get it done.  You may not have a complete plan, but believe in who you are and have faith to take the first step.


2. Break it down

We all know we should break down big goals, few people take the time to do it.  Write down the #1 result you want in one specific area of your life.  Break that down in to various parts that if those big parts were completed you’d definitely get the result you’re looking for.

Take the big parts and break them down into tasks that can take you about 30 minutes to complete.

Move each of those tasks and put them in your calendar.  Even more simply only schedule the first 2 or 3 for this week…start small, you really want to get into the habit of making “Progress” toward your goals first, then the plan will formulate itself.

3. Don’t worry about being productive

I used to think I couldn’t get enough done because I needed to be more “productive” and yes productivity is good and I think it’s important, but consider that if you create daily tasks, or a daily method of operation, sometimes called a “Daily Routine” that you commit yourself to your daily routine that you can be happy in the pursuit of your goals and dreams, before you even attain it.

I trust that these 3 tips will help remind you of how you are able to stay on track or help you to adjust if you feel like you might be slipping off, either way just the fact that you are reading this to improve yourself I want to recognize you for your effort.

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