How do I build my business online so I never have to talk to humans?

Why would you want to do that?

You may miss the enjoyment and interaction in dealing with people, the joy of building relationships with other people.  We are all hard-wired to have interpersonal relationships with people both personally and for business.


Quit wanting what you don’t want.

The reason I talk about on my blog that we do high-tech, high-touch strategy is that we allow the internet and online tools save us time and help leverage some of the tasks we don’t want to do manually.  You can’t leverage a relationship with someone else.

When you really learn how to effectively communicate with other people, when people know, like and trust you they will want to do business with you.

If you’re trying to earn income with your blog or website but you’re avoiding talking to people on the phone, you’re missing a big part of really connecting with people.  I had a lady that downloaded one of my products the other day and I gave her a call to make sure everything worked out and see if she needed help with anything.  We had a great conversation and at the end she said, “you know you are really doing it right.  I don’t think I’ve ever got a phone call from someone after getting something from their website, you’re not like these other gurus”

Gurus talk AT people, to connect you talk WITH people

That’s right, it’s because “I’m not a guru” I told her.   Then she mentioned she would like to work with me further in coaching.

Anyway, the internet can be a great value to you and opens up doors to connect with other people in ways we never could just 10 years ago.

Let’s click the mouse less, and connect more.

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