The smartest people are smart enough to know they can still learn something…

Yesterday I went out to best selling author Gary Vaynerchuk’s book signing in Tempe, Arizona.  I had been out to his two other book signings for his previous books Crush It and Thank You Economy.  Since getting to know Gary over the last few years and having him as a guest on my podcast I’ve heard his message be consistent and gain more focus and clarity.


While there I ran into my friend Joe Polish…who has the #1 marketing podcast,

It’s a great podcast for two types of people

Those that LOVE marketing and…

Those that suck at marketing, and want to get better….they will grow to love it. [marketing and the podcast]

I’ve listened to many of the episodes and over the last 70+ days I’ve been listening to one per day from episode one…it’s great content and entertaining too.


I consider Joe one of the most brilliant marketers in the world…and I wasn’t surprised to see him there.

Although Joe takes marketing from a slightly different angle than Gary, he was there to learn and in fact he was interviewing Gary for the I Love Marketing podcast again right before his talk at the book signing.

The common view they both share that I talk about on my blog a lot here also is putting value and education first in your marketing.

The smartest people are always open to learning.

Here is a short video of what Joe Polishes take away was from Gary’s talk and new book…

Watch this video closely as Joe and I stand in the “Romance” section of the book store and talk about our LOVE for marketing and stellar business ideas

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