Right now I’m learning from a guy I am fortunate to have met in person last month and got some million dollar ideas.  Literally….I’d like to share those ideas with you

I recently met and connected with the $400 Million Dollar Man, as they call him, Jeff Walker.  Jeff is known for a program called Product Launch Formula, where he has done multi-million dollar day launches.

Imagine you launch a brand new program, and it 24 hours you have a million dollars in product sales….that makes for a good year, that day….and your off to a decent start 🙂

Jen Scheer via Compfight

One lesson I’d like to share briefly here, and if you’d like me to cover this in more detail I can, just leave a comment below.

Jeff shared an idea that he calls the “sideways sales letter”.  Traditionally a product would have a one page long sales letter talking about all the benefits of your product.  Jeff recommends another way, where you deliver content that solves a problem for your target audience in 3 different videos you deliver over time.

As you deliver content, using education based marketing, you display or merchandise your expertise and letting them know you care about their success.

Then at the end you make an offer to work with you further.  I love this model, for the obvious reason is that I’m a big fan of education based marketing.

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Jeremy C. Jones


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Episode #019 with Jeremy C. Jones


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