Are you struggling to get more new clients?

You are posting on facebook with 900 million users, you have ads on craigslist with 40 mil. visitors every day with an ad to your website.  It can be frustrating to spin your wheels but no real business is being done.

These are both what I call ‘passive’ marketing, and it can be a very slow process.  In order to take control of your situation you have to put your efforts into ‘active’ marketing.


 Are you struggling to get more new clients? 

In order to get a new client this week you can do passive marketing but put more of your focus and effort on ‘active’ marketing.  Active marketing is not cold calling as some people think is the only way to reach out.  There are many great active reaching out methods.  One would be to clearly identify your target market, ideal client.

Next, what other profession also serves those people.  Who else comes in contact with them on a regular basis, this could be a great strategic partner.  You don’t just pitch them on helping you, find a way to add value to them first.  You can almost count on it that they will want to ask how they can offer support to you, they key is to add value and don’t expect anything in return.  Always be adding value to your network.  Your net-work will multiply your net-worth.

 “Your net-work will multiply your net-worth.” –Click To Tweet 

When is the last time you offered to help another business associate, a simple phone call to tell them you appreciate what they do and find out who would be a great connection for them this week.  Follow up and do what you said you would do.

Invest into others.  You will feel alive from contributing and adding value.   Work harder to add value into other people actively and spend a very small amount of time on the passive marketing…most put 90% of their time of passive activities, avoiding what really matters.  People will appreciate you reaching out and will offer to help you also, at that time you can ask if they know of anyone who has a need that your business can solve.  If you don’t add value to them first, they will probably say, “nope, can’t think of anyone”…but if you contribute to them first they will want to help you.

 “Invest into others.  You will feel alive from contributing and adding value” –Click To Tweet

So, forget about Facebook’s 900 million users you’ve been chasing after, develop a network of 90 that like referring people to you….If you would like to know how to build, develop and maintain that with no software in 15 minutes a day leave a comment.

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