Everyone wants more traffic to their website.  But it’s quite a mystery to most people as to where to find traffic and how to get it to their website.  There is one important thing to consider first in order to get more traffic.

What is traffic?  When someone says, “traffic” it usually means large groups of NEW people who visit your website.  It’s important to keep in mind that “traffic” is not internet people, these are real people with real needs and wants that visit your website.

If you look at traffic as numbers and not real people with needs, you’ll marketing efforts will look needy, sloppy and you’ll spend your time trying to “convince” people to visit your website, when it’s much easier to be compelling.  Trying to sell hard and convincing may not be as elegant as you think and it looks something like this….


If we back up what might happen before they click to visit your website, they may have been visiting another website or doing something else.  What would motivate them to click and visit your website.  They should have a specific reason, such as solving a problem they have, discovering a solution or giving them a “how to” solution to something they want.

In order to know the needs or wants of a person you have to know who that person is.  It’s important to see the target in order to hit it.

So, the one thing to consider before attempting to gain more traffic is to identify a niche.  All a niche is for this purpose here is a specific defined group of people.

College Students is one niche.  The parents of college students is an entirely different niche.  Your messages would be different.

After you define the niche, you can get more specific of your perfect prospect then it’s easier to find places that those people hang out online and offline and you’ll start to discover ways to reach those people.  When you know where they are, you put out a message that adds value to them and gives them something they want they will be attracted to your website and tell other people just like them to visit your website too.

It starts with defining the niche, finding the most important needs/wants of them and creating a compelling offer to attract them to your website.  When you define the niche you can be more compelling and don’t need to be convincing.

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