Interview with Jane Cruz

#354 Leading with Impact: A Roadmap to Enhancing Personal Leadership Effectiveness | Jane Cruz

May 28, 20244 min read

Interview with Jane Cruz


Guest Bio:

Jane Cruz is a renowned leadership development expert with over three decades of experience steering teams and mentoring leaders across the globe. With a versatile background encompassing executive coaching, consulting, organizational development, strategic planning, and human resources, she has demonstrated unwavering commitment to fostering both personal and organizational growth. 

Before embarking on her consulting journey, Jane honed her leadership skills in several high-ranked roles across diverse industries, including entertainment and retail, always landing on her innate ability to inspire and motivate teams.

Her impact extends beyond her successful career in business into the world of academia. From 2009 to 2019, Jane imparted her profound leadership insights to aspiring executives as an adjunct faculty member for the Leadership Concentration in the MBA program at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles. 

Armed with a wealth of practical knowledge and a keen understanding of leadership dynamics, Jane Cruz continues to empower future leaders, helping them navigate the complexities of team management, adapt to rapid changes, and achieve their full potential—a testament to her enduring influence in the field of leadership development.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode: 

BIG IDEA #1: To provide clear insight into 4 core leadership themes with their common behavioral dynamics that derail many developing leaders.

BIG IDEA #2: The importance of having a resource that helps increase leadership level self-awareness, supports ongoing personal growth and helps with anticipating and providing a deeper awareness of the complex interpersonal dynamics associated with leadership and leading teams.

BIG IDEA #3: A need for a resource that helps leaders develop skills that drive continuous self-development and that can also help with adapting to rapidly changing environments.

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Interview with Jane Cruz


1) Website: cruzpartnership.com 


If there’s any truth we've discovered about leadership, it's that it’s not a static role. The most successful leaders are those who are willing to learn, adapt, and continue developing their skills. They are explorers, constantly staking claim to new territories of knowledge, skill, and functionality in the ever-evolving landscape of their respective fields. Today, we dive into an intense exploration of this territory with none other than leadership development expert, Jane Cruz.

Jane Cruz is not just an expert; she’s a crusader for the cause of effective leadership, championing the practical, personal, and hands-on methods that elevate good leaders to become exceptional ones.

One undertapped area Jane highlights is the understanding of four core leadership themes and their common behavioral dynamics. Every leader is susceptible to these pitfalls that can, if left unchecked, threaten to derail progress. It’s only by acknowledging these challenges that developing leaders can work towards circumventing them and ultimately, enhancing their capacity to lead.

But it doesn’t stop there. Cruz underscores another essential aspect – self-awareness. The ability to turn the lens inwards, assess one's strengths and weaknesses, and harness that insight for personal growth is paramount. This kind of inward focus goes hand-in-hand with an outward awareness: a comprehensive understanding of the complex interpersonal dynamics associated with leadership and leading teams. 

Lastly, Jane sheds light on the need for continual self-development and adaptability in rapidly changing environments. In a world where change is the only constant, leaders are more than ever required to be flexible, quick to react, and forever learning. Leaders, says Jane, must be lifelong students.

Jane's discussion with our host, Jeremy Jones, is more than an interview -- it's a roadmap. It offers concise, practical, hands-on advice for navigating leadership's often-tumultuous seas. From highlighting the importance of a keen understanding of leadership dynamics, stressing the importance of self-awareness, to championing continual adaptation, this roadmap touches upon the pillars of personal leadership effectiveness.

Reading this is a good start, but why not dive into the wealth of knowledge that awaits in the full podcast? Whether you're a budding leader eyeing the steps to the corporate ladder, or a seasoned stalwart looking to revitalize your approach, this interview with Jane Cruz delivers practical insights to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

Be prepared to be enlightened, empowered and equipped to navigate the complex seas of leadership! Listen to the full podcast 'Leading with Impact: A Roadmap to Enhancing Personal Leadership Effectiveness with Jane Cruz'.

Soak in the insight, apply the lessons, and watch as your own leadership potential unfolds. Remember, in leadership as in life, it's not about the destination - it's about the journey. Happy leading!

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