Interview with Atishay Jain

#355 Mastering Outbound Sales: Demystifying Myths, Crafting Value, and Adapting to Industry Shift | Atishay Jain

June 04, 20242 min read

Interview with Atishay Jain


Guess Bio:

Atishay Jain is the visionary founder of Hyperke GP, a pioneering firm dedicated to revolutionizing customer acquisition strategies for B2B companies. With a keen understanding of traditional business growth methods and an innovative approach to sales, Atishay has successfully transformed how businesses thrive in today's competitive environment. Over the last five years, his expertise has helped generate over $8 million in revenue for his partners, proving that outbound sales, when done right, is far from obsolete.

Atishay's unique ability to blend tried-and-true practices with modern techniques sets him apart as a leader in the sales industry. His commitment to leading by value and crafting compelling value propositions has enabled countless firms to break free from their reliance on inbound traffic and referrals, unlocking new avenues for sustainable growth. With Hyperke GP, Atishay continues to push boundaries, guiding B2B companies toward unparalleled success through strategic and impactful sales initiatives.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode: 

BIG IDEA #1: Dispelling the Myth: Cold Outbound is Dead, Doesn't Work, Is only for Scammers

BIG IDEA #2: Differentiate Yourself: Creating a unique Value Proposition and Value-Based Outreach

BIG IDEA #3: Why even bother with outbound and changing industry trends


1) Website: hyperke.com

2) LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/atishay-hyperke/


Outbound sales—just mentioning the term can stir up a range of reactions, from skepticism to outright dismissal. Many believe it's an outdated approach, often associated with spammy tactics and intrusive calls. But is it fair to consign outbound sales to the annals of history? Or is there a deeper, more valuable strategy underneath the myths?

In a compelling discussion on the Ideas & Impact podcast, our host Jeremy Jones sat down with sales expert Atishay Jain to unearth the real potential behind outbound sales. Their conversation is a treasure trove of insights, demystifying common misconceptions, and highlighting the power of creating and leading with value. Here’s a glimpse into the invaluable wisdom shared in the episode.

Unveiling the Truth About Outbound Sales

One of the most pervasive myths about outbound sales is that it’s either dead or it’s exclusively the domain of scammers. Atishay Jain argues otherwise. He points out that the perception problem with cold outbound tactics is not about the methodology itself but about the execution.

"A well-targeted and value-driven outreach is still massively effective"

Enjoy the episode

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