How to use Live Streaming For Your Business.  Learn about the benefits of using Live-streaming personally and for business purposes

How to use Live Streaming For Your Business

About Ray Garcia:


Ray Garcia is originally from the beautiful city of San Diego, California where he attended San Diego State University. While there, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Science Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

Ray comes from an artistic family and has always had a passion for graphic design even when he didn’t know what graphic design was. At an early age, Ray would take his burned cd’s and would design custom covers using primitive software in order to represent the content inside. Later, when he found out he was already doing graphic design, he decided to follow his passion and go on to formally study the subject at a university level.

Currently, Ray spends most of his time developing Digital Marketing strategies in order to maximize campaign efforts and reaching targeted audiences. He also posses extensive knowledge in the world of Social Media and he is ranked among the top 0.2% of Social Media experts according to


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