Isn’t it interesting how you walk into a small town and people greet each other.  Go on a remote hiking trail, people say “hi” in passing, offer a smile and a friendly greeting.  Come back to the fast paced city and some people feel like they are invisible, no greetings, no smiles, silence even in an elevator of 5 people who don’t know each other….For some reason we feel like we can be independent in a crowded society, but treat others with respect in remote places.  What if we made respecting others cool again regardless where we are?  What if we offered encouragement and support to those around us?

If you already do that, congratulations!  But I think all of us to strive to be more pro-active with respecting those around us.  Some of you may know, we have a big vision to have a group of people in our Positive Impact Team, some pulling together toward the same cause to help people, some pursuing their own cause and building awareness….we have a common goal, to make a positive impact on other people.

Listen in on a conversation with my friend Danny who goes by the business coach pen name, Del Rene and we discuss the non-profit Respect Global, he’s one of the founders and I’ve become one of the board members because I believe in the virtues and values that this organization represents.  Like the facebook page here.

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