The Ultimate Bloggers Guide To Duck Dynasty

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

April 23, 2013

The show “Duck Dynasty” has become an overnight sensation.  It is loved by millions worldwide, as was noted by the intense Twitter and Facebook posts noting fans’ excitement over the recently begun new season.  It is real, it is fresh, and it is devoid of the back stabbing drama that is ever present in most all other television shows, reality or otherwise.  The Duck Dynasty bunch is not perfect, but they are the good guys and they aren’t afraid to be so.  There is so much to be learned from these guys in so many aspects of life, including blogging.  So what can “Duck Dynasty” teach you about blogging?

Today’s article is written by Eric Pangburn, blogger at Snitchim

Duck Dynasty and Your Blog Have to Be Entertaining

No matter how “good” they are, no one would watch them if they weren’t funny. One of the most entertaining characters on Duck Dynasty is Si Robertson! Here is a clip that without the comedy of the “hey” and Uncle Si’s seemingly crazy talk would be nothing more than an old man painting a dilapidated trailer talking about a plastic cup he has carried all over the world.  They make it funny and they make it entertaining, so people watch, week after week.

The same is true of blogging. Regardless of how needed, true, or useful the information in the blog is, no one will read if it isn’t entertaining.

There are great examples of a blog that will entertain you and provide quality information in a very unique and entertaining way. One of my favorite entertaining bloggers out there in my opinion is Seth Godin. His style of writing, the way he delivers his posts, the format, and the tone makes it extremely entertaining and attractive. This is how blogging should be.  Regardless of the content, it should be entertaining for all visitors.

Stick to Your Beliefs 

The Duck Dynasty family members openly share their faith in a predominantly non-Christian media. It is evident, however, that they have a large fan base of both worlds in the Christian and non-Christian communities.  The fact is, they couldn’t care less if they are not watched for their Christian beliefs, and they are going to let them show anyway.  Whatever your beliefs are, you have to stick to them and let them shine through.  It does not matter what platform it is. Having integrity and living it out makes the audience trust you, respect you, and come back for more.   It is evident that the Duck Dynasty family remains strong in Christian faith despite production edits.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty

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This works well in the blogging world.  It does not matter what faith you live out. If you’re true to yourself and live it out readers will come to appreciate that. It makes them trust you and show that you’re genuine. One rising blogger that I see doing this is JonAcuff.   Jon is great at being real with his readers, and if you’re not following him on Twitter you got to check @jonacuff you will not regret following him.

Be Who You Are 

The Robertson family doesn’t change the way they dress, wear long hair and beards, or even speak to impress the audience.  By the same token, neither do they go overboard trying to make a name for themselves.  The Robertson family is well grounded and simply are who they are. Of course you have the fan fave of the show being Uncle Si.  What makes Uncle Si so loved?  He is who he is unapologetically.  He is crazy, funny, and unlike anyone else.  That is quite clear watching this funny Uncle Si clip.

Blogging isn’t the only platform available in social media to express yourself.  If you are a better speaker than writer, try a podcast instead of a blog.  Work your strength and be who you really are.  A great example is Michael Hyatt.   He is who he is and it comes through.

The Ultimate Bloggers Guide To Duck Dynasty

The Dynasty of Ducks was built from nothing based on the shared love of one family.  The made something out of nothing but a love of what they were doing.

That is the real secret to blogging.  You have to blog about something you love.  If you try to write about what you think others will love, your writing will lack passion and you will burn out quickly.  No one wants to read passionless writing, and you have to keep writing to keep an audience.   Whatever it is you write about, make sure you love it.

There are examples of this all over the blogosphere with people blogging about things that on the surface do not sound interesting at all.  However, if you love it, it is likely others do too.  You just have to let them know you are writing about it.  Crochet, gardening, hunting, fishing, antique cars, poopy diapers, shaping eyebrows or whatever it is, if you love it then others that love it will recognize it and become engaged.

The Duck Dynasty family is busy, they run a business and they have their own show.  They could easily ignore each other, ignore other people, and reduce themselves to the back biting, snide comments seen all too often on other reality shows.  They do not however.  In fact, they all recently traveled across the country to visit a young family in distress and prayed for them.

In your writing, remember that your audience is comprised of real people.  Relate to them, communicate with them, and offer grace when comments are less than flattering.  It will pay off in the end much more than biting back in comments or in a post.  Pick and choose how you react.  You may delete a comment, you may comment that you are sorry they feel that way, or if you get a huge negative reaction, you may react tactfully in a post.  Just keep in mind people are what matter, and let your audience know you know that.  Also, try to give back to your readers.  Consider John Saddington, who is giving back through Pressgram, a creation of his own that is free and allows user to keep their pictures.

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Question: What is something you love to discuss that you could blog more about?



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Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones


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