Have you ever wondered why some marketing campaigns influence and move people to action and some seem to have no effect on people? Maybe you have posted some different things online and some get traction and some don’t, we’ll here are a few factors that may help your message.

Brendon Burchard has a lot of great training and education. One of the first audio programs I listened of his was the Millionaire Messenger. In that program he talks about how we all have something we can teach others and profit from online.


Brendon’s first book, Life’s Golden Ticket was a story that runs along a personal experience he had where he got in a car accident and when he crawled out of the wreckage he asked, “Did I live fully, Did I love completely, Did I matter?”.

While he claims he asked those questions to himself in the moment, it was probably because he learned those are the 4 human motivators and he knew that in order to ask himself those questions.

Most people in that situation would get the feeling that they get a second chance at life, but probably would look at it from the full direction he did. Regardless, it’s a great story and he relates to something that we all can relate to.

We all have 4 basic human needs.

  • To Live, fully
  • To Love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally
  • To Grow personally
  • To Contribute, to something bigger than us

Many times when we get frustrated or offended we have a deficiency of one of those in our life. Sometimes we can offset one of them by filling the need of another.

Everyday Life

One example is that my 4 year old son was getting frustrated with something and we couldn’t figure out what he wanted. He got more and more heated up and he started to go into his temper tantrum, if you have toddler kids or you are ever around them you know the moment.

The 4 human needs came in my mind and I grabbed a bag which was trash from what he had been eating and I asked him if he could help me by throwing it in the trash. He agreed, and immediately walked over to put it in the trash and his attitude almost immediately calmed down.

I didn’t give him exactly what he wanted but whatever he did want may have had something to do with wanted to contribute to what we were doing. I gave him the opportunity to do that and it helped fill that need in his spirit. Isn’t that interesting.

We can do the same with people we deal with in our daily life. If someone seems to be rude or angry about something ask them to contribute or pay them a sincere compliment and you may just see them turn around.

No Matter How We Deliver The Message

This method of communication works with one on one conversation and also in your marketing communication. This week try and communicate to those four human needs and see if you get a better response.