Three Ways Your Blog Is Costing You Money

Today I’d like to cover why your blog may be costing you money and three ways to fix it.  When I say costing you money, I mean money you may be losing out on by not getting customers or readers.

Most websites today especially if they are wordpress sites have a blog included, you can quickly correct a few things that will give you a better chance of getting new customers and clients.

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Here are the 3 ways your blog may be costing you money instead of earning you money and what to do about it.  

This will help you understand The Premise Of Blogging.

1. Your last post is from six months ago…or longer

When people visit your blog be sure you have current content added, even if you can only post once per month that’s ok.  Ideally I think one post per week is reasonable.  They don’t need to be really long posts, maybe 300-500 words.  Having a lack of new content may be costing you money, because those that look at your blog are those looking for updated content, when they don’t find it they will probably hop off to another website.

2. Your blog is like a secret agent

If the only time someone can find out about your blog is by finding a tiny tab on your website you may need to think about promoting your blog in other places like social networking and on your email signature.  There are also ways you can compel people to take a look at your blog when at local business networking events, you can get a free video here.  You may be afraid of promoting your blog because you don’t have anything recent there…see step 1.  If no one knows you have a blog, it can’t bring value to them and it’s costing you if you do update it, but no one knows.

3. People can’t find a way to subscribe

Find a way to offer your reader a way to subscribe by putting in their name and email.  It helps to have an offer of something they get for free by subscribing, then letting them know you’ll inform them of new blog posts.  You can add value to your readers on a regular basis and send out offers that can help them.  There are so many websites and blogs out there for people to keep up with, have an RSS reader link available for people to subscribe at least, and integrate a subscribe box or you may be losing out on new customers.

I hope this helps you to see how you can get lots of value from your blog, and if you have a dusty blog that hasn’t been touched in a year or so I’ll challenge you to stop by there and write a post.  We covered how you should have recent content at the most one week to one month old, promote your blog by letting people know about your new postings and why you should be building subscribers to let people know of your offers and updates.  Clearly you can see how that if you do have a blog, but you don’t use it they it’s like an unused asset for you and costing you money!

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