Creative Marketing Podcast #003-How To Break Through Self-Limiting Beliefs And Create A Better Life.

Have you ever told yourself “I can’t do that”?

Feel like you can’t get more customers because your marketing isn’t “Creative” enough?

Find out in this podcast how to break through your ONLY limitation.  You.

Sometimes the only limitation you put on yourself to be more creative in your marketing is our Fear of being shamed by others.   The story we make up in our mind is usually much worst than what could possibly happen.  Most of us are taught growing up to not stick out from the crowd and not to speak up for fear of looking stupid.

These are creating limitations in your life.

The old Greek story of Icarus says don’t fly too close to the sun, in other words don’t fly too high you might get burned.  I’m suggesting you should take a risk to stick out, show people what you’ve created and  exercise your ability to be more creative in how you present yourself.

I’ll stand up and applaud for you making the effort.  

The same story of Icarus says don’t fly too low or you will plunge into the sea and drown.  Too many people have been drowned by being average.

If you have any limitations you put on yourself now or in the past listen to this inspiring conversation with my friend Dixie.

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Episode 003 Guest, Dixie Gallispie

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