How to outline a non-fiction book and build your expert platform | A Simple 9-Step Process Blueprint

Want to grow your online coaching business? It starts with your Expert Platform…here’s why:

When you outline a non-fiction book it is vitally important, to begin with the end in mind.

We do that by considering our reader first when creating the book structure.

In this video you will learn:

✅ How to properly outline a non-fiction book, to cut your writing time in half

✅ Why you need a publishing standard as a specialized expert (if you want to be taken seriously)

✅ The secret to a proper book launch as a way to get speaking engagements and getting new clients

It’s like building a strong foundation and wireframe for a sculpture, your book structure is key! Start with building out your book outline as a big picture, then get into the granular detail later.

Want a simple Book Outline Template? Here is a free resource mentioned in the video: We make outlining and writing your book easy peasy, lemon squeezy…(you’ll see)

click here for the free book outline template pdf



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