Episode 13

Jackie Woodside is the founder of the Woodside Wellness Institute, a holistically-oriented center offering coaching, training and consciousness-based psychotherapy.

Jackie created a spiritually oriented coaching program entitled, “The Curriculum for Conscious Living” which includes three courses: Life Design, Life Mastery and Living a Transcendent Life.



Show Notes:

  • Jackie Woodside encourages us with her new book to lead lives of empowerment, “Peaceful Productivity.” Knowledge plus action produces transformation and change.
  • Jackie Woodside wants her readers to become, “Fully equiped with the tools, knowledge, and framework of how to move into life in this method of having peaceful productivity.”
  • She encourages people to “Manage your energy rather than, manage your time.”
  • Jackie Woodside says, time is a fixed resource. People need to train themselves to operate inside of the resource of time they have.
  • Start training yourself, of learning the skill to be productive. Bring more into your life that feeds you.
  • When you divide your focus, you become less effective at everything you do.
  • Jackie Woodside explains the “Time Consciousness” she speaks about in her book.
  • Skill set – Minimize your distractions and increasing your productivity and getting out of business.
  • Mindset of TIme – “I have all the time I need for that which is mine to do.”
  • Jackie Woodside, ending thought. “The way we are working and living isn’t working any longer.” My mission and belief is a world that works better for everybody.”

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