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Episode 187: Interview with Norman Wolfe

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Norman Wolfe:

Norman Wolfe, founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders, is a leading voice in bringing about a transformation of the core paradigm of business. He is a 15-year veteran of Hewlett Packard, haslead companies large and small, been a public company director, and has over 30 years consulting and mentoring leaders in a wide range of industries. He is the author of The Living Organization, an application of the core principles of how the world works to how organizations (including families) and indivdiuals can create extraordinary impact.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • An organization is actually a living being. It follows the same principles of growth, maturity and contribution as a person does. We can apply the same techniques to that are used to help a person grow and be successful to an organization. This yields much better execution and extraordinary results
  • Since organization create outcomes like living beings, the question then to be explored is how do all living beings create outcomes. My model is based on the principle the everything is energy and since energy is never created or destroyed creating outcomes is a process of transforming energy from one form to another. I explain three fields of energy (Activity, relationship and Context) and how the work together to give us the outcomes we get. This allows us to get more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.
  • The most impactful field of energy is the Context field and I explain how it works and how we can shape and mold it so we maximize its impact in our favor.

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