2015 Promo Trends and How Authors Can Use Promotional Products To Sell More Books

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

December 31, 2015


Here are 3 simple ways to look at 2015 Promo Trends and get ideas so you can sell more books.

  1. How to send you a referral
  2. What you want to be known for
  3. Directly sell more books

Any time I see a promotional product I get all kinds of ideas how they could use it for direct response marketing, instead of how most use it…to expose a logo.

I think promotional products are great, and can really be great for marketing when used correctly. I was recently reading an article about 2015 promo trends which provides a resource for the Top 25 Most Popular Promo Items. This was a great list and it got me thinking about ideas of how authors could use promo products to sell more books. As you read over the 2015 promo trends see what ideas you come up with for your specific business.

Here are 3 ways that authors could use promo products to sell more books:

Let’s use one promo product as an example, the classic coffee mug. The generic, highly ineffective way to use this product would be to just slap your company logo on it. Let’s look at a few ways to be much more creative.

1. How to send you more referrals
If you have a book, you probably also speak or have a product or service you sell on the back end. On the coffee mug you could have a benefit driven phrase that would remind the person drinking the coffee where to find you when they need you most.

Let’s say you speak about “Business Systems”…you could put your logo, also with a phrase that says, “Was that paper you are reading late?…Improve your process in chapter 3 of my book, read it here: www.EpicBiz.com/chapter3” (not an actual website…just an example)

On that page you could create a lead capture page where they can download chapter 3 FREE.

This gives something of value, and a reminder of why they need it….also, keeps the benefit of your book in their mind.

2. What you want to be known for

Let’s use the coffee cup example again, and you’re a business systems coach. Maybe you call yourself that coach, and maybe not; however on the cup you could remind them of what you are known for.

“My System: Wake Up. Coffee.”
Improve your business systems with Coach YOURNAME

On that page again, give something of value with a lead capture page.

3. Directly sell more books

We’ll go ahead and use that same coffee cup example, and again the business system coach and hopefully you can creatively replace that with what you do and see how you can come up with ideas just like this by scanning the list of promotional products mentioned above.

To sell more books we’ll lead with a direct benefit headline.

“Broken systems suck. Get an epic system and take more vacations.”
Get the Epic System Book FREE here: www.EpicBizBook.com

You may be thinking…how would I be able to give my book away for free? I have to pay hard costs to print and ship the book. Here’s what you do: You promote the book for free, but put below *Book is free and you pay shipping, $7.95 (or whatever you would be able to charge to pay for shipping a slightly more than break even.

Even if you don’t profit from that book, this is a very compelling offer that will get your book into the hands of more people and allow you to build your author/speaking platform in a way to get your message in front of many more people.

Hope that helps to give you 3 solid ways you can use promotional products to promote your author, speaking, coaching business. If you are not one of those three categories, I’m sure you can come up with a few ideas from those examples.


I hope this helps give you few great ideas how authors can you promotional products.  If you have big goals to achieve this year, yet you been though all the “goal setting” non-sense in the past that leaves you off track still at the start line take a look at the one page goal planner template below.

You can click the orange button below to download a free one page PDF Template for Goal Planning.

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