#265 Finding Your Inner Calling: Using unique tools and techniques to navigate challenges in your professional and personal life | Matt Guiver

Episode 265: Interview with Matt Guiver


About: Matt Guiver

Matt Guiver is an adventurer and leadership pathfinder. After travelling the globe in search of his true path he founded Jumpstone International to help senior leaders and executive teams find clarity and direction to align their inner compass. Matt excels in creating innovative ground-breaking coaching techniques and models to help provide deep insights, perspective and learning to successfully navigate complex business challenges. His international clients include global brands such as SAP, Husqvarna and Sitecore.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • How to calibrate your Present day GPS using a compass, life curve and pivotal mindset question.
  • How the Pathfinder Model and its unique 5 pillars can help leaders navigate to their true north.
  • How to overcome the real or imaginary hurdles that have previously held individuals back from realizing their dreams (mindset, fears, conditioning, etc).

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