#280 Three Strategies to Create a Sense of Calm in Your Life Using Feng Shui and Holistic Wellness | Kim Goeltom

Episode 280: Interview with Kim Goeltom


About: Kim Goeltom
Kim Goeltom is the founder of Creating Legacy Wellness, which is a Holistic Wellness Coaching Company that supports highly driven female professionals that are over exhausted and burned out who are looking to create some semblance of harmony, joy and intentional living back into their lives. Kim uses Feng Shui alongside positive psychology which health and wellness coaching is based upon to help her clients work on their external environment while making small changes in their internal lives to achieve their goals. She essentially combines Ancient Wisdom and Evidence-Based Practices to achieve her clients’ goals!

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Clutter: Clutter creates overwhelm, anxiety and stress. It has been scientifically proven that being in a cluttered environment can impact our mental wellbeing as well as our physical bodies! Step 1 is Decluttering!
  • Bed Placement: Let’s talk about how your bed placement can impact your sleep quality. Position, Color Psychology and Mirrors. Sleep can determine the course of our day- stressed or calm!
  • Your Desk/ office chair position: Let’s talk about how where you sit in your office can create neck and back pain or creative energy to be productive and feel calm while being energized!


Enjoy the episode

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