Reimagining Leadership: Empowering Growth and Performance Through Purposeful Change and Constructive Culture | Dr. Elie N. Daher

Episode 284: Interview with Dr. Elie N. Daher


About: Dr. Elie N. Daher
Elie, author of “Reimagining Leadership,” is a highly experienced leader with a remarkable 38-year history of leading and mentoring other leaders. His extensive background in leadership and coaching has allowed him to develop a distinctive approach that accelerates leadership growth, elevates organizational performance, and fosters a positive work culture, as outlined in his book.

Elie’s philosophy is rooted in Aristotle’s quote, “Excellence is not an act but a habit,” which he applies to his Excellence in Leadership approach. He believes that leadership is a continuous journey of personal and professional development, and his approach focuses on building long-lasting habits that result in effective leadership.

With experience leading complex organizations across four continents, Elie has gained a deep understanding of multinational executives leading multicultural teams. His bespoke approach accelerates leadership growth, improves organizational results, and cultivates a positive culture. Professionals appreciate his results-driven attitude and his confident, energetic, and constructive personality.

Throughout their interactions, leaders working with Elie witness visible changes in their behaviors and results while maintaining a healthy balance. Elie’s expertise lies in putting together brilliant minds and developing effective strategies that promote leadership excellence in the workplace.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • How culture mapping can transform an organization
  • The leadership skills needed in a global culture
  • Developing a growth mindset to reimagine leadership

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