#288 Elevating sales leaders to new levels of success | Lon Graham

Episode 288: Interview with Lon Graham


About: Lon Graham
Lon Graham is the founder of LG7, a company dedicated to working with sales leaders who want to lead winning teams. He also works as the Sales and Marketing Manager for the RVA Small Business Network. In addition, Lon has been recognized for outstanding sales and leadership performance in previous roles at United Airlines, Novartis, Arthrex and Six Flags Theme Parks. He is a member of the Virginia Chapter of the National Speakers Association and a Board Member of his Rotary Club. Lon is on a mission to elevate sales leaders to new levels of success.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • As part of developing the sales team, it is the sales leader’s role to clearly define success for the people on the team. Then, clearly describe how it is measured.
  • As part of developing the sales team, it is important to practice the skills that lead to success.
  • The last big idea is in terms of coaching the members of the team. It is important to encourage first, then educate. I have a way to do it consistently.


Enjoy the episode

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