Episode 29: Interview with Hilda Villaverde and Mary Beth Stern about their book Living Brave

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About Hilda Villaverde

Hilda Villaverde holds a Ph.D in Religious Studies from Emerson Institute. Living Brave is her fifth published book. Hilda’s career in the beauty industry as a respected hairstylist and salon owner spans four decades and she is a sought after educator and leader in the industry. A recognized public speaker, Hilda integrates her business savvy and humor in her presentations to engage and inspire her audience.

About Mary Beth Stern

Mary Beth Stern has been a marketing, advertising, public relations and special events consultant for over 20 years and has given a voice to numerous businesses and organizations to increase visibility, awareness and profitability. She has worked with many nonprofit organizations in creating unique fundraising events and has moderated fashion shows, presentations, and events. Mary Beth has a BA from St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana.

3 Big Ideas from Hilda:

  • Stories are our lifeline, tell and live stories
  • Everyone struggles with fear, not opposite of Brave
  • Pathways for doing life

3 Big Ideas from Mary Beth:

  •  We live Brave lives every day
  • Thrive, not just live
  • We all want to be inspired by stories daily


  • Stories are our lifeline. We share our stories, we continually talking about events, things and people in our lives it never stops. We continually creating stories of our lives.
  • Each one of us has something to say about ourselves, we are humans who want to share who we are with other people and we want to connect with other people so our stories connect us.
  • We all want to know what we have in common from that we start building relationships because, every business we want to see where we can connect. Everything is all about relationships.
  • We live brave lives every day. We do some brave actions every day for some it may be going to a place they never been to, meet new people, for some it may be diagnosed with cancer and how they can be recovered to it.
  • Everyone struggles with fear and fear is not an opposite of brave it’s a part of it. We always think that fear stops us but fear is really a great motivator. We always want to continue growing but every time we hear stories of someone who didn’t because fear stops them. Since it is a human nature to compare ourselves with others then fear is not really the opposite of bravery but sometimes fear generates brave actions. Showing you are brave it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of fear.
  • Thriving and not just living. Living is going through the emotions of life, while thriving is actually enjoying the feeling of what you’ve accomplished something in life. Thriving is something you want to look forward to and all your relationships with your family and friends are in place most of it are because of the work you’ve done.
  • Pathways for doing life. As different as we are from each other there are many pathways available to us to do life and there will always be fear. Some people’s degree of fear is more so than others some of us struggle. Pathways as are individual as our thinking process. It is never gonna be perfect but it is going to be enough that you can celebrate arriving there and until the next pathway opens up for you.
  • It’s okay to step forward at least you are moving forward. You can’t steer a parked car. If you are sitting in the car and you are turning the steering wheel, you are just moving the wheels but if the car is moving forward then you can turn the car. If you are looking for mentorship or inspiration to navigate your life and make things better, the worst thing you can do is sit where you at but if you are making action forward at least you are moving forward.
  • We all want to be inspired by stories daily. Almost everyone would be inspired by at least by one story.



Enjoy the episode

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