#294 Leading With Accountability: Building Trust and Boosting Team Effectiveness | Sarah Devereaux

Episode 294: Interview with Sarah Devereaux


About: Sarah Devereaux
Sarah spent 14 years in the Learning and Leadership Development space at Google. Some of her more recent roles included: Head of Executive Development Programs, Head of Strategic Initiatives for The Google School for Leaders, and Global Lead of the g2g (Googlers-to-Googlers) program. Sarah has been coaching and facilitating for more than a decade on a variety of topics, including: resilience, wellbeing, innovation, self-awareness, leadership, complexity theory, systems thinking, and more. Sarah has a passion for learning and helping individuals and organizations to realize their full potential. She is particularly passionate about coaching senior women leaders in traditionally male-dominated industries, like tech, finance, and manufacturing. Originally from the great state of Michigan, Sarah now lives in Boulder, CO with her family.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Trust is the key to team engagement, effectiveness, and wellbeing. It’s the most important skill that leaders and teams need to develop for the future of work.
  • Systems of control do far more to slow the work down than speed it up. “Transparency” isn’t an excuse for micromanagement.
  • Feedback sucks and we should stop doing it. Let’s learn to talk to each other like human beings instead.


Enjoy the episode

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