3 Lessons I Learned From Jon Acuff And His New Book Start

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

April 29, 2013

3 Lessons I Learned From Jon Acuff And His Book Start and what important when you start your own online business.  I had the chance to attend a book signing and meet Jon for the first time in person a few days ago, before he spoke and I’d like to share a few lessons I learned here that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Three Lessons I Learned Jon Acuff
And His New Book “Start”

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I’ve been following Jon Acuff’s blog for around 6 months, I liked his perspective on business values and I really connected with his message.  Jon also runs a blog called “Stuff Christians Like” and it’s a funny blog that any Christian family would enjoy.

A few weeks ago I saw that Jon Acuff would be doing a book signing in Phoenix and I had to drive almost and hour to go see him speak and meet him, but I’m sure glad I did.

Jon shared a lot of great info and most importantly a very inspirational talk about what it means to “Start” something new, he made a very clear point that the most important line in life is the starting line and it’s true that many of us let fear stop us from starting.

Here are just 3 of the lessons if you have a business or you are thinking of starting a business.

1. Your past does not predict your future

Jon shared a really interesting story of a boy that went in line at a buffet to get ice cream after he was finished with his meal.  The boy was so excited that he filled up his bowl with soft serve and moved all the way down the link to a shiny chrome pump where he pressed down on several times and he looked back and smiled at his friends in anticipation of getting ready to enjoy his ice cream.

When he looked down he realized that he had moved too far to the hot dog line and he had pumped a bunch of mustard all over his ice cream.  His face was filled with utter disappointment.  An adult saw what had just happened and he told him he could just get a new bowl of ice cream and “start over”…but this boy had invested too much excitement into this bowl.

Feeling ashamed they boy said, “that’s ok, I’ll eat this one…” and he began to just stir in the the mustard, hoping he could just make it go away.

Jon related that to our lives where we’ve made mistakes, maybe we really let someone down and blew it…and we try to just stir that into our life…but it’s hard to cover up that nasty mustard taste.

It was a great analogy, and he made a great point that we can give ourselves GRACE to start over, and start again fresh and new.

2. Don’t worry about what others think of you

We all worry too much about what others are thinking and we shouldn’t put our pride on the line because we’re trying to impress others or get back at someone.  If you are doing something for the right reason and there is integrity, it’s not going to make everyone happy.  Period.  Let’s accept it and get to the starting line.

3. Begin with the end in mind, not in stone

Jon quoted one of my favorite authors and speakers who passed away last year Stephen Covey, he said we all understand we should “Begin with the end in mind”.  Sometimes we don’t start something new because we don’t have the end written in Stone.  Sometimes the end result won’t be exactly what we pictured to begin with but this shouldn’t stop us from getting up to the starting line and going for it.

I highly recommend Jon Acuff’s new book “Start”, you can find it here

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Question:  What did you want to “START” for a new years resolution in January, but haven’t yet…but now you’ve made a new commitment to Start?

written by Jeremy C. Jones, Local Marketing Coach Scottsdale Arizona

Here are some tips on starting your own business that applies anywhere in the world

Tips To Start Your Business

The following list was contributed by Karl Hunt and he works at CouponAudit as a writer, where thousands of valid and working online coupons are available for different stores. For example you can use iStockphoto promo code etc. to get discount.

Advantages of setting up your own business

1. You are your own boss. No one will tell you what you should do. Benefit from this freedom to make your own decisions regarding whatever you feel is best for you. This is a good opportunity to implement your own ideas.

2. Help yourself to earn more money. You decide at what price your products and services are to be sold.

3. Avail full tax benefits allowed for self-employed people. You can use an online tax estimator to further simplify this process.

4. You can start your business from the comforts of working from your own home according to your own convenience.

5. You can free yourself from the strain of working in conventional workplace.

6. You can choose to start your business with minimum investment.

7. You can start by choosing your own team and shape the members the way you like. Important aspects to be checked before starting own business

Here are some things to consider:

1. Are you prepared to take the risk? Starting own business has its own risks. You have to evaluate yourself.

2. Starting own business is a big change. One should do careful planning and preparation.

3. Lot of hard work is required to make the business a success.

4. One needs to be well organized and one has to manage time and work efficiently.

5. Capability to network is very much required to market yourself, your products and services.

6. A high level of commitment is a must to make your business successful.

7. Confronting reality and awareness of one’s real capability is another important need.

8. If you are comfortable with all the above check points, then you have the necessary traits.

Here is an outline of the items you’ll need to get started:

1. Good practical business idea

2. Name of business

3. Location of business

4. Written plan

5. Registration

6. Phone, website and internet connection

7. Cash flow management

8. Manpower

Hopefully this post has been helpful for you, if so leave a comment!

What did you like most about it what we discussed here?



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