Episode 40: Interview with Seth Buechley

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About Seth Buechley

Seth Buechley is a serial entrepreneur and business founder who has led several multi-million dollar exits. In his most recent role as President of SOLiD USA, he helped bring cellular and public safety radio coverage to some of the most recognized venues in America including the Empire State Building, the NY Subway, Moscone Center, and Daytona International Speedway. He has served and negotiated contracts with leading global organizations such as Nike, Amazon, Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.
An experienced keynote speaker and emcee, Seth is a member of Young President Organization (YPO) and the President of Legacy, LLC. His passion and platform is writing, speaking and coaching the next generation of leaders. He and his wife, Helen, live in Roseburg, Oregon, enjoying the rural Pacific Northwest while raising their four children. Learn more at sethbuechley.com.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Understanding Ambition
  • The need for gratitude
  • How gratitude changes the way we lead

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Show Notes:


  • Ambition is like leadership on control rather than people speaking to you the best goal you can be.
  • It is not a perfect world we sometimes launched into a life that is damaged and so we start to understand that we will be driven by that if we are not careful.
  • Why are we people identified as ambitious allies?
  • It doesn’t matter how it happens it just matters that it influenced us.
  • The nurture side of it is where we come from and how is the hard wire.
  • Parents can raise three to four children in the same environment and their personalities are different and there is a hard wire component to that.
  • Ambitious people are hard-wired that way.
  • Nurture and nature creates this ambitious driven personality.
  • Understanding ambition is kind of getting your head around what are the things that makes us ambitious and occasions.
  • Passion will help sustain you beyond the difficulties. Some people take action and some people don’t.
  • Passion and progress are what makes us feel a difference.


  • Even if we have everything in the society sometimes we are not grateful for what we had.
  • Gratitude is what sentence us to be effective.
  • Gratitude is what brings us back to a place of purpose.
  • Develop a big picture where the big parts of our life are in good shape and look at the times we are blessed to lead others.
  • Gratitude adjustment is when you lost your bearings and you start to ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this again?’.
  • Gratitude was a massive game changer.
  • Things that are motivated by gratitude has a lot of power on it than motivated by striving.
  • Because we are so focused on our next objective we often don’t account the good things that are present in our lives now and we rarely look behind us the things that we had.
  • It changes the way we view life and we start to protect and value what we have so it will prevent us do destructive behaviors. Look at the people who helped us in our success and that changes how we lead.
  • We should accept that people are not perfect and appreciating them for what they are.
  • I may not be everything but I am best.
  • I understand my strengths and therefore I understand my gaps.
  • That’s the thing about gratitude process, you gonna lead yourself. We tend to worry about people who are right there and we forgot to lead people who are right here in our circle.


  • Gratitude moves us from striving to serving and focusing on others.
  • Satisfaction is found on the other side of gratitude.
  • When we embrace gratitude we start to have a real authentic relationship with our team members and our customers.


  • Nurture and nature creates this ambitious driven personality.
  • Ambition is taking action.- Jeremy Jones
  • Passion will help sustain you beyond the difficulties.
  • Gratitude is what brings us back to a place of purpose.
  • When you stop expecting people to be perfect you can like them for who they are.
  • Gratitude moves us from striving to serving and focusing on others.



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