How to properly format a document for book printing

In this video you’ll learn how to format a document for book printing using print on demand (and common formatting mistakes to avoid) #GetPublished

In this video you’ll learn how the self-publishing process works.

Discover how your book goes from a word document into a print book, the three phases we look at when self-publishing.

Create – This is where your manuscript is written and edited, also it helps to have a proofreader to review for errors.

Package – This phase you are formatting your book so it’s properly designed based on the platform. There are three primary types of formats, print book, ebook and Kindle book.

Release – This is where you launch your book into the marketplace.  First, determine who your target reader is, then you can create a compelling message to attract new readers for your book.

If you write and publish your book in the correct way, it will save you hours and hours of blood, sweat, tears and agony. If you have any questions related to properly formatting your document for book printing, join our Facebook group for authors,

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