Regardless if you have a business online or offline, blogging or not there is no auto-magic button that will make you money.  A big factor in your success in starting a blog is to network with others who can promote you and share the quality content you put out.

Ever wish you had an easy way to break the ice, network with other professionals that can help promote you and your business?  Here are a few tips from my friend James who eats, sleeps and breathes business networking and a free app that can help you become a networking machine to blog for fun and profit.

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In this Podcast we cover:

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 How can networking help your blog?

What if 10 people who liked your message and what you are doing
shared your blog ever week with 1000 people in their social networks,
you’d have exposure to 10,000 people every week or 40k per month.

How would you imagine that affect what you are currently doing on your blog?

Don’t fall into the illusion of push-button auto-magic “traffic”.
It takes work to do it right if you’re starting your blog.


“When small groups of people share your message with their networks, traffic is automatic.” –click to tweet

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